Tanzra is the main antagonist of the Actraiser video game series and was originally named Satan in its Japanese release. However when it was shipped to America, his origins were altered somewhat as censors at the time did not wish to offend the religious right.

At any rate although their names changed the concept remained largely the same with Tanzra acting as the eternal nemesis of the Master (who was originally "God" but has been demoted in the American version to an archangel to avoid controversy).

Tanzra is heavily inspired by Dante's Satan and his battle in Actraiser 2 has him sitting in a pool of ice much like Dante's tale - he is largely invulnerable even to the Master's attacks but can be harmed when his heart of ice is exposed.

Like most dark forms Tanzra's goal in life is to utterly destroy the Master's creation and turn it into a living Hell for all beings, driven by a combination of the seven sins (such as envy, lust and wrath).

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