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Tape: You Mario? I got a message for you from the boss. How 'bout ya come over here so I can give it to ya? And you, origami kid? Be a good goil and run back to Olly. It's past your beddy-bye time, capisce? You two were gonna try and take dis streamer out of the picture, eh? I come in strips too, ya know. You got a grudge wit' things dat wrap over other things? You think I'm some kinda JOKE? EH?
Olivia: Guess we know who stuck those Toads to the tower now. Sheesh. How did all these harmless origami-making tools end up with such tacky personalities?
Tape: HEY! I'm not tacky! I'm STICKY! DAT'S IT! Ya want a piece of me? Well, you're gonna get it!
~ Tape to Mario and Olivia before fighting them.
Heh heh heh. I got a feelin' dis is gonna be a fun one. C'mon, you two! Throw your best attacks at me. We'll see what sticks!
~ Tape before properly fighting Mario.

The Tape, also called The Shifty Sticker, is a major antagonist in Paper Mario: The Origami King. It is a member of King Olly's Legion of Stationery, guards the purple origami streamer, and the fourth member of the Legion to face Mario. It is a sentient roll of adhesive tape who took over the Sea Tower.


The Tape was once a regular roll of tape used by the Origami Craftman to make his origami. It and the rest of the Legion of Stationary were granted life by King Olly to serve as his minions in guarding the streamers, with the Tape sent to guard the purple streamer at the Sea Tower of the Great Sea.

A no-good, cheating gangster, Tape took over the Sea Tower, imprisoning multiple Toads by taping them onto the walls of the tower. At the top of the tower, it taunts Olivia to return to King Olly's side as it was past her "bedtime" and prepares to stick her and Mario to the tower as well.

In the first phase while in its dispenser, Tape attacks Mario by smacking or slamming on Mario using its dispenser. To attack them, Mario must use any attack other than jumping to damage the dispenser, as jumping will make Mario stick to Tape and be thrown away. Once the dispenser is destroyed, a fake victory screen is played before Tape falls down on the arena and installs its dispenser blade, becoming angry with Mario for destroying its expensive custom-made dispenser.

In the second phase, Tape covers the arena with tape, sticking several rings and rows together (and taking damage as a result), similarly to the battles with Rubber Band and the Fire Vellumental. If enough tape is on the battlefield, Tape can collect all the tape stuck, removing it from the field and healing itself for all the health it lost from the tape. Mario can summon the Fire Vellumental to burn the pieces, clearing the battlefield and preventing Tape from healing. Also, using the 1,000-Fold Arms will make Mario trap Tape on its dispenser blade, allowing Mario to quickly pull on Tape's tape, heavily subtracting from its remaining stamina. Eventually, it will begin spinning rapidly, preventing Mario from damaging it, but the Fire Vellumental can be summoned again to make it stop.

Once all of its tape is pulled out, Tape is defeated. It calls out to Olly to avenge them, only to reply "fuhgeddaboudit" before exploding. Its death also lifts the tape covering the Sea Tower, freeing the Toads from their imprisonment.

After Olivia's wish reverts her brother's actions, Tape turns back into a regular roll of tape.


Tape, as its name would imply, is a large roll of sentient tape, mainly consisting of the main, ring base and a roll of clear tape it can easily pull out and stick onto the battlefield, with the end always curled upwards in its second phase, possibly used to represent a pompadour. In its first phase, Tape uses a large purple tape dispenser as a base, with King Olly's logo printed on the side and in its second, it uses a grey metal dispenser blade. The former also has a white tape dispenser wheel, and a black bottom.


Hey! I'm elevatin' here!
~ Tape before rising up on a platform to fight Mario, and its first lines.
Hey! Don't go messin' up my hard woik! Ya gotta tidy up, y'know? Can't leave no evidence...
~ Tape when Mario opens the chest to reveal all the missing action panels.
Tape: Heh heh heh!
(Tape crashes onto the arena below, dispenserless but still alive.)
Olivia: What?! We didn't finish it off?!
Tape: You two got some noive, bustin' up my precious, tailor-made dispenser like dat. It was worth a fortune, not to mention the senty-mental value! If dat's how you want it, I might as well DISPENSE wit' the pleasantries. Time to seal the deal, heh heh heh!
~ Tape before activating its dispenser blade.
See what ya made me do? Ya got me breakin' out the doity tricks! All right. Let's wrap this up, eh? Heh heh heh!
~ Tape after obtaining its dispenser blade and before starting its second phase.
Now DAT'S what I call a stickup! Heh heh heh!
~ Tape after using Roll Out for the first time.
Think you can get the jump on ME, eh? I don't think so! STICK 'EM UP!
~ Tape after foiling Mario's attempt to jump on it for the first time.
Aaah! It hoits! It HOITS! Don't do this to me! I'm a changed adhesive! I won't stick nobody anymore, I swear! Boss! Olly! Ya gotta do somethin'! Ya gotta avenge me! I'm... I'm... Ehhhhh, fuhgeddaboudit.
~ Tape's last words.





  • Tape's quotes "I'm elevatin' here!" and "I'm attackin' here!" are a reference to Ratso Rizzo's "I'm walkin' here!" from Midnight Cowboys.
  • The Tape may have been the least honorable of the Legion due to its no-good personality.
  • Tape takes its speech patterns from stereotypical New York thugs, which makes it replace slurred "r" sounds with an "oi" in its dialogue, e.g. "goil" instead of "girl", "hoit" replacing "hurt". It even replaces "Forget about it!" with "Fuhgeddaboutit!".
  • Tape resembles the Tape Thing from Paper Mario: Sticker Star, except having a purple dispenser instead of blue.


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