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Tarak was the leader of the Blue Suns forces on Omega, and after one too many attacks from the Turian Vigilante Archangel (AKA Garrus Vakarian), formed a tenuous alliance with Jaroth of the Eclipse and Garm of the Blood Pack against him. The plan was to send in hired "freelancers" as glorified cannon-fodder while the three mercenary groups each took a shot at Archangel with their assembled forces. For Tarak's part, he intended to attack Archangel from the safety of a gunship, but as it had been shot down by Archangel earlier, tasked one of his sergeants repairing it. Should Commander Shepard choose, they can electrocute the Blue Suns sergeant working on the gunship, ensuring that it will be less powerful when Tarak flies it into action. Either way, Tarak manages to wound Garrus with both rockets and machine-gun fire, but is ultimately killed when Shepard and company blow the gunship out of the sky, this time for good.


  • Though normally rude and hostile to Shepard and company, if Zaeed Massani is in the party he will recognize him and be much friendlier, also noting that he is surprised Zaeed is working for so little.
  • Ironically, his name means protector in Hindi.


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