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Taran-Ish is a character in H.P. Lovecraft's short story The Doom That Came to Sarnath.


Taran-Ish was one of a race of shepherd people who colonized the land of Mnar and founded many great cities. Craving more, a group of them travelled to the shores of a lake at the heart of Mnar and founded the city of Sarnath, of which Taran-Ish was made high priest.

Near the city of Sarnath lay the city of Ib, inhabited by strange fish-like creatures that descended from space. The creatures worshipped Bokrug, the Great Water Lizard, and built a sea-green idol depicting him. The men of Sarnath hated the creatures of Ib and banded together to destroy them, slaughtering them and casting their bodies into the lake before taking the idol as a trophy and giving it to Taran-Ish.

However, that night Bokrug appeared to Taran-Ish in the temple and terrified him so much that he died of fear. As he died he scrawled a final message on the altar, reading "DOOM".

Years later, Bokrug returned and destroyed the city of Sarnath, fulfilling Taran-Ish's final prophecy.


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