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You still don't get my point, what is it going to take to get through that thick head of yours?!
~ Tarant to Seina, after nearly impaling him with his spiked knee.

Tarant Shank is the main antagonist of the Tenchi Muyo! GXP series. He is first introduced as a humanoid space pirate and is later turned into a cyborg. Tarant is a member of the dreaded Daluma Guild, but the terror the organization holds over the galaxy is nothing compared to what he done. He is the arch-nemesis of Seina Yamada.

He was voiced by Yuuki Matsuda in the Japanese version, and Kim Strauss in the English dubbed version.


Tarant is a bloodthirsty and cruel space pirate who is feared by both the Galaxy Police and his peers. He is the captain of the Daidalos, and no prisoner brought aboard his ship tends to live very long. Though sadistic enough to pass up an easy kill to instill more terror in his prey, Tarant is a survivalist and cowardly egotist at heart, using others (even his own subordinates) as a shield when plans go awry and he has to escape.



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