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Targel is a minor anime-exclusive villain in Fist of the North Star.

He first brings a family of three to his boss, Uighur at Cassandra. After this man gives up Suzan Tsuhi Ken scrolls, he fights back. Targel steps and says he would take care of this misconduct using Kokusho Juji Ken.

After a brief fight, Targel uses his style to cut the fighter into four pieces. 

When Targel learns of some of Cassandra's guards getting killing by Kenshiro's party, he and Uighur hatch a plan: Using Kenshiro's one weakness, females as Kenshiro will not dare kill a girl. He then brings out a female martial artist named Bella who uses Ranzan Kurenai Ken. He also blackmails Bella to kill Kenshiro or her mother would be executed.

As Bella engages Kenshiro who was helping an old man a little pink-haired girl, Targel also watches to ensure Bella completes her mission. After Bella gives up, Targel kills her mother who warns her not to be a martial artist anymore. Enraged, Bella tries to engages the white-haired Cassandra henchman, but after a short fight, Targel also cuts her down with Kokusho Juji Ken. He laughs as it was a lesson to anyone who goes against Cassandra.

Spotting this at the last moment, Kenshiro engages Targel who is gloating he would be the last man standing. The two clash using dashing moves, but Kenshiro dodges the Kokusho Juji Ken in the nick of time. Targel then tries again, but Kenshiro uses the Hokuto Gekitsui Shi hitting his forehead. As Targel is confused, Kenshiro reveals he hit the Hyakkai power point. The Hokuto Shinken user then removes his hand and four seconds later, Targel dies in a bloody mess, avenging Bella.

Power and Abilities

Targel is a master of Kokusho Juji Ken which allows him to dash through opponents at a blinder speed, cutting them into four sections.


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