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We are Agito! The jaws of destruction left unto this world.
~ Tartarus

Tartarus is an antagonist in Dragalia Lost who was formerly a servant to Alberius and is a member of the Agito.

He is voiced by Luc Roderique who latter voiced Thor in English and Takaya Kuroda in Japanese.


Tartarus was formerly a humble servant to King Alberius before his possession and demise.

After Alberius sacrificed himself to save the world, Tartarus went berserk and declared the whole world to be unworthy of living. The Greatwyrms managed to subdue him in a battle and seal away his draconic power so Tartarus, with half of his body destroyed in the battle, retreats into the abyss for the next 300 years, allowing his hatred for the world and grief for Alberius to stew.

Sometime before the events of the main story, Nedrick finds Tartarus in the abyss and gifts him an Agito mask which would allow him to transform into his original dragon form. He also repairs Tartarus with golden prostethics.


In his humanoid form, Tartarus has a dark skin and wears a black knight armor and cape with a several markings and his arm is outfitted with golden prosthetic limb while he's holding his laser blade (which is akin to that of a lightsaber). He also has a mask that covers a portion of his face, around his neck appears his dragonic horns and has red eyes.

Powers and Abilities

In his humanoid form, Tartarus can create a dark expanding vortexes which engulfs and explodes on anyone in it. During his first phase he has two abilities, Hell's Brand (which prevents the healing of players to go beyond 1 HP) and Fury of the Fallen (which significantly decreases the strength of adventurers if they're hit. Plus, it stacks making the fight harder). He also display a rushing sword lunge technique and another technique is where he charges his charges his blade with dark energy and swings down to create a shockwave with it. Next, Tartarus summons one (or two laser beams in co-op) to attack adventurers. He also creates a shadow version of himself which goes into one of the portals in his arena however, his very shadow is the cause of abilities in both forms. Tartarus has the power to give himself Relentless Rage to intensify his attacks. He can also entrap adventurers in an unbreakable bubble which requires shapeshifting to break free and if the adventurer doesn't break out in time, the bubble instantly kills the adventure.

In his dragon form, Tartarus obtains new abilities such as Vengeful Spirit which grants him immunity to dispels and Steel-Forged Body which can drains the dragon gauge and instantly cancels out players' shapeshifted, dracodrive, divine dragon forms and personas if he attacks them (also, he has Hell's Brand only in Master difficulty). He can do several lunge attacks, one of them including his disappearing for a moment and home in on his opponent to suddenly strike. Like in his first form, Tartarus retains his abilities to create expanding vortexes, use Relentless Rage to make his attacks even stronger, create shadows to enter portals, summon a wave shadow energy, entrap adventures in a shadow bubble and summon void lasers but they fire in fours leaving a space open for adventurers to dodge.


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