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A bloody fate awaits you and the rest of your incompetent race, and I, Tartarus, Chieftain of the Brutes will send you to it!
~ Tartarus the Chieftain of the Brutes.

Tartarus is the last known Chieftain of the Jiralhanae to serve in the Covenant. He is Thel 'Vadam's primary rival and the secondary antagonist in Halo 2. He acts as the Hierarchs' chief enforcer and Truth's second-in-command. He was placed in charge of activating the Halo Rings and arrived at Installation 05's control room to do so. However, the Arbiter, with the help of many Elites and UNSC forces, stopped Tartarus along with his Brutes and killed them.

He was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, who also played Doug the Pimple in Family Guy.


Early Life

Tartarus was originally the nephew of a Brute pack leader known as Maccabeus. He served aboard his uncle's ship, Rapid Conversion. Tartarus eventually challenged his uncle to a fight to the death. Tartarus emerged victorious from the duel, killing Maccabeus and receiving his weapon, the Fist of Rukt, as a reward.

Human-Covenant War

Tartarus eventually achieved the position of second-in-command to the Prophet of Truth. The Brute Chieftain carried out several secret missions for the High Prophet. After Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee failed to stop the destruction of Installation 04, Tartarus was ordered to bring him before the Covenant High Council. The Brute branded the Commander with the Mark of Shame and took him to the Mausoleum of the Arbiter for his execution. However, Thel was instead pardoned and promoted to Arbiter, much Tartarus' displeasure. However, the Chieftain kept silent out of respect for the Prophets.

During Thel's mission to assassinate Sesa 'Refumee, the leader of the Heretics, Tartarus provided aerial support for the Arbiter. Coming across 343 Guilty Spark, Tartarus captured the "Oracle" to bring it back to High Charity. Tartarus was later dispatched alongside the Arbiter to obtain the Sacred Icon on Installation 05. Using information gained from the Oracle However, as soon as the Index was obtained, Tartarus, under orders from the Prophets, betrayed the Sangheili. The Chieftain also captured Miranda Keyes, Avery Johnson, Marcus Stacker and Marcus Banks, needing a Reclaimer to activate the Installation. Tartarus selected Miranda Keyes to activate Delta Halo and instructed his Brutes to kill the others.

However, Tartarus was confronted by Thel 'Vadam. Thel warned Tartarus about Halo's true purpose, but Tartarus refused to listen, staying blindly loyal to the Hierarchs and their promise of salvation. He forced Keyes to unify the Index with Installation 05's control panel activating the ring, declaring that the Jiralhanae, not the Sangheili, would be the escorts of the Prophets to the Divine Beyond. Tartarus then fought Thel 'Vadam and Sgt. Johnson, as well as numerous other Sangheili who joined the fight. Though he fought off many of Thel's Elites, Tartarus was killed by Thel 'Vadam via Beam Rifle.


  • "You've drawn quite a crowd."
  • "Are you sure?"
  • "Quiet! You two whimper like Grunts fresh off the teat! He's not mean't for the jails. The Hierarchs have something special in mind."
  • "Noble Prophets of Truth and Mercy, I have brought the incompetent."
  • "But, I thought..."
  • "Release the prisoner."
  • "So it is. Come, we are leaving this system."
  • "Once the shield is down, we will head straight to the Library. I do not wish to keep the Hierarchs waiting."
  • "Who do you think?"
  • "Hmph. Why, looking for a little payback?"
  • "Ha ha ha ha ha, of course."
  • "Lower the shield, Arbiter! I'll pick you up when you've finished!"
  • "You're getting close to one of the Shield Generators, many of my Brutes have fallen attempting to take it down. Let's see if you fare better."
  • "You've reached the power source, Arbiter. Overload the locks holding it in place. It is useless to attack the Enforcer from the front, especially when it's shields are up. Stay in the shadows, wait until it loses interest, then strike the beast when it's back is turned."
  • "Blasted machines! Make your own way through the wall, Arbiter!"
  • "I see that coward didn't join you. I'll do what I can to keep the Flood off your back."
  • "We cannot let the Humans capture the Icon. The Hierarchs do not look kindly on failure."
  • "I'll thin their ranks."
  • "Humans, I'll deal with them."
  • "Hurry, Arbiter! Get the Icon!"
  • "Was your responsibility. Now it is mine."
  • "A bloody fate awaits you and the rest of your incompetent race, and I, Tartarus, Chieftain of the Brutes will send you to it!"
  • "When they learn? Ha ha, fool! They ordered me to do it!"
  • "The Demon has infiltrated the Council Chambers! Protect the Hierarchs! Seal the exits!"
  • "Reinforce all approaches to the holding pens, slay the Demon on sight!"
  • "The Elites are falling back Mausolem. Fools! Their Arbiter can do nothing for them now."
  • "Rise up my brothers, cast down the Elites!"
  • "My faith is strong. I will not fail."
  • "Mine will do. Kill the others."
  • "Come Human, it is easy. Take the Icon in your hand...and do as you are told!"
  • "One more world, Oracle, and I'll rip your eye from its socket."
  • "Which is nothing compared what I'll do to you..."
  • "Impossible."
  • "Put it down? And disobey the Hierarchs?"
  • "Not another WORD!"
  • "Take care, Arbiter. What you say is heresy!"
  • "No, Arbiter! The Great Journey has begun, and the Brutes, not the Elites, shall be the Prophets escort!"



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