Tarvin was the main antagonist of the Blake's 7 episode "Bounty".

He was portrayed by the late Marc Zuber.


Tarvin was the leader of a group of Amagon. He normally worked as a smuggler, but the reward of thirteen million credits offered for the capture of Blake and his crew by the Terran Federation caused him to seek work as a bounty hunter. After locating the Liberator, he sent out a fake distress call in order to lure Gan over. He then used a mocked up version of Gan's voice to trick the remainder of the crew into letting him teleport aboard, where he quickly added Avon, Jenna and Vila to his captives. He was known to Jenna, since they had once hidden together from three hundred customs guards in the mountains of Zolat-4. While he had all of his captives attached with collars which could explode either if tampered with or at the press of a button, he allowed Jenna a certain amount of freedom while the others were locked in the hold.

After Jenna helped him capture Blake and Cally when they returned to the ship, Tarvin removed her collar but was still undecided as to whether or not to turn her over to the Federation with the others, which would reduce the reward to twelve million credits. He also fitted collars to the exiled former president Sarkoff and his daughter Tyce, who Blake had just rescued from the Federation, even though there was no reward for them. He was unrepentant in his avarice: On being told he would sell his own grandmother, he replied that he did, adding that she was going to sell him and he got in first.

Tarvin took control of the Liberator and set it on course to rendezvous with some Federation ships. Increasingly suspicious of Jenna, who had gone missing after offering to show him greater treasures about the Liberator, Tarvin decided to turn her in as well. Tyce drew a concealed weapon but Tarvin overpowered her. However, the gun was retrieved by Sarkoff and they engaged in a stand-off, with Sarkoff aiming the gun at Tarvin and Tarvin poised to trigger Tyce's collar. The entrance of Blake and Jenna distracted Tarvin enough that Sarkoff was able to kill him.


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