Tasha (called Zadia in the European release) is a CO for the Lazurian Army specializing in air combat and an antagonist turned anti-hero in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.


Tasha was inspired to join the Lazurian Army after the death of her brother John, who was killed in Lazuria's war with Rubinelle.

She is first seen commanding a group of Lazurian forces to hunt down Waylon, but he is saved by Captain Brenner and the 12th Battalion. She and her forces later corner Davis, but Brenner's Wolves again show up to fight her. During the skirmish, she mistakes Will for her brother John and briefly pauses her advance, but soon gathers herself and realizes that Will is someone else.

Before she can continue her attack, Gage shows up and informs her that Forsythe has ordered her to retreat. Though reluctant to fall back at first, Tasha follows her orders and retreats with her men.

After the Lazurian forces were defeated by the New Rubinelle Army and the 12th Battalion, Tasha was captured along with the other Lazurian COs and soldiers. However, the Lazurian prisoners were set free by the 12th Battalion, who turned against the NRA after witnessing them unlawfully execute Forsythe.

After Brenner sacrificed himself to give the Lazurian and 12th Battalion forces time to escape, Tasha and Gage took joint leadership of the Lazurian Army and, along with their men, teamed up with the 12th Battalion to oppose the New Rubinelle Army.

Following the defeats of Admiral Greyfield and Caulder, Tasha became a member of the new society founded by Will. She is seen making fun of Gage for having a hard time milking cows.


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