Tatiana is the secondary antagonist of the 2018 film Final Score. She is a ruthless and overtly evil member of The Ring of Arkady, and is Arkady's hitwoman.

She was portrayed by Alexandra Dinu.


She at first aids Arkady in sabotaging Dimitri's men, and in forcing Dimitri to cooperate. She shows a sadistic, cruel and overtly evil nature, as she is ready to do some "dirty work" even before Arkady gives the signal. She later goes after Michael and kidnaps his girlfriend, Danni, promising to kill her off without Akardy noticing. She brings her to Dimitri's office, where she tries to murder Danni by slicing her throat. Akardy however enters the office and tells her not to do so, until she gets his signal. She is ordered to take Danni "peacefully" to a rooftop where Akardy encounters Michael and tells him that if he doesn't move closer and sacrifice himself, then Danni will be shot and killed. Michael comes and beats Arkady up, only to be pushed aside by Tatiana who then tries to kill him and battles him on the rooftop, letting Arkady and Dimitri retreat with Danni captive. Tatiana however gets killed by Michael, who receives from her information about Arkady's whereabouts.


Much like her boss Arkady, she is overtly evil, sadistic, ruthless and mischievous. She does her duty with full joy, meaning that she will kill whoever stands in her way. She sometimes acts even before getting her signal or permission from Arkady, which shows how evil she is.

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