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NOTE: This article is about Taurus Bulba from DuckTales 2017. For the original incarnation from Darkwing Duck, see: Taurus Bulba.
Villain Overview

Taurus: No! NO! I'm going to change the WORLD! I just need to find a way to stop that meddling brat and that ridiculous superhero!
Scrooge: Taurus, shut it down! This doohickey is dangerous!
Taurus: Well then... let's... get...
~ Taurus Bulba betraying the McDucks and summoning the Fearsome Four
You have to tear things down first before you make something new. That's innovation!
~ Taurus Bulba to Huey Duck

Taurus Bulba is the main antagonist of the 2017 DuckTales reboot series TV special "Let's Get Dangerous".

He is a former employee of McDuck Enterprises and former agent of FOWL who plans to recreate reality in his own image. He is both Darkwing Duck and Gosalyn's arch-nemesis.

He was voiced by James Monroe Iglehart.



Like his original counterpart, Taurus is a large anthropomorphic bull with blue fur, a red suit and purple pants. The biggest difference is that he wears a white lab coat over everything-else. After taking a blast of energy to the face, his right eye became scarred and his right horn was broken.


At first, Bulba gives off the aura of a friendly-type boss who is good to others, especially children. But as the episode progresses, he is later revealed to be a omnicidal maniac who is more than willing to destroy all of reality and everyone in it so he can rebuild it in his own image. He also has a short temper towards those who don't agree with his views and won't hesitate to dispose of them if they get in his way, but still tries to maintain his optimistic attitude, even after being exposed.

Despite his heinous nature, Bulba is very insightful as he rightfully thinks of Bradford a delusional coward as Bradford is unwilling to put his own life ahead of others or even admit that he was a villain. Bulba is also shown to place a great deal of trust and respect towards the Fearsome Four as they shared his goals for world domination; this was shown when he silently nods at them to take out and imprison Bradford. Even when Liquidator suggested that they capture and kill Darkwing Duck on live television and use his death as an example against those who would try to stop them, Bulba was intrigued by this idea, that he happily promotes Liquidator as his new vice president. However, this is ultimately a part of his manipulation as well because he is only friendly towards the Fearsome Four when they give him ideas that he is interested in and when they do what he wants. This is shown when he furiously orders them to kill Darkwing Duck while he shows it on live surveillance, and when Darkwing Duck beats them all, Bulba furiously decides to kill Darkwing Duck himself, claiming that "a good boss knows when to get his hands dirty".

Abilities and Powers

Being a bull, Taurus Bulba is quite strong, and has the intelligence to match his strength. He also has access to a vast amount of wealth and resources, and with control of the Ramrod, he can summon any being from any other dimension under his command.



Taurus Bulba was an employee of McDuck Enterprises as the head of his own research facility in St. Canard, as well as the supposed best friend of his top scientist, Dr. Thaddeus Waddlemeyer and his granddaughter, Gosalyn. However, he was also a secret agent of the evil organization FOWL, which was led by Scrooge's chairman of the board, Bradford Buzzard.

At some point, Bradford gave Bulba orders to crack the Solego Circuit, which has the power to open portals into other dimensions, to use for FOWL's master plan to conquer the world. Bulba hired Dr. Waddlemeyer to design the circuit and the Ramrod to use it. However, Waddlemeyer discovered a dangerous flaw in the Ramrod that would tear apart reality if used too many times and tried to warn Bulba about it, but Bulba had his own plans and threw Waddlemeyer into an unknown dimension to keep him from interfering in his plans.

With Waddlemeyer gone, Bulba takes advantage of the situation, taking credit for creating the Ramrod on his own and leaving behind Gosalyn to try and figure out what really happened to her grandfather.

Let's Get Dangerous

Part One

Taurus Bulba invites Scrooge McDuck and his family to unveil the Ramrod to them. Upon their arrival, Taurus kindly greets his boss and appraises Huey and Louie on their own accomplishments while making fun of Bradford. When Scrooge asks about the setbacks that he had in his lab, Taurus ensures that their new device will change the world and invites them into the lab. He shows them the Ramrod, which he claims to have the power to create "anything from nothing", which he proves by inserting the circuit key into it, which catches Huey's attention, and creating a plate of haggis for Scrooge.

That same night, Gosalyn attempts to steal the key to keep the Ramrod from being used again. However, she was stopped by Darkwing Duck along with Launchpad and Dewie. After the event, Taurus then praises Darkwing Duck as a hero to the public for saving his lab from being sabotaged while promising to keep the key on his person at all times. Later on, Gosalyn visits Darkwing Duck in his secret lair and explains the truth of her grandfather as the real inventor of the Ramrod who went missing after discovering a dangerous flaw in it, and her desire to expose Bulba as a thief and a liar. At first, Darkwing refuses to help as he did not wish to damage his new reputation, but after being convinced by Launchpad, he decides to investigate.

Before then, Huey finally interrogates Bulba about the Ramrod, which he responds by telling Scrooge that he should be in school due to his curiosity. Scrooge later requests the plans for the Ramrod and Bulba takes them to his office to collect an index that would guide them to their destination. After they left the office, Taurus calls to Darkwing, who he apparently knew was hiding in the filing cabinet. Darkwing then asks Bulba about a photo featuring Bulba's relationship with Thaddeus Waddlemeyer and Gosalyn, explaining to Darkwing about his tragic flashback between him and Waddlemeyer. When he explains that Waddlemeyer got himself killed while trying to reprogram the Ramrod and that he covered it up to keep him from looking insane, Goslayn angrily comes out of hiding and attacks Bulba, claiming that he's lying and that Waddlemeyer wasn't gone for good. She then takes the key and tries to insert it in the Ramrod with Bulba angrily pursuing her.

He manages to grab her by her hood, but Dewey helps her get the key to the Ramrod while Taurus gets wrestled by Launchpad. Darkwing attempts to stop her, but Gosalyn explains that the Ramrod's true function, meaning that he wasn't deceased but trapped in an alternate reality. Taurus argues that Thaddeus could be trapped in any one of those dimensions, and that the machine is too unstable to use it to search for him, but Darkwing then catches the contradiction since he earlier claimed it was perfectly stable and safe to use, and attempts to use the Ramrod to find Thaddeus, who Gosalyn says will explain what really happened. Realizing that he been caught in his own lies, Taurus reveals his true nature by knocking them both away, throwing Launchpad off of him and then activates the Ramrod with the intent of throwing them all into another dimension.

But Huey throws a smokebomb, blinding him and allowing Gosalyn to grab the key. Taurus attempts to take it back, but gets hit in the face with a electric blast from the key, breaking his right horn and giving him a scar over his right eye, making him even more furious and unhinged. Launchpad keeps him busy again while Gosalyn escapes, but Taurus tosses him away again and goes after Gosalyn. He chases her out of the building and onto a metal platform on the side, where he reclaims the key. He then attempts to assault Gosalyn, but was then attacked by Darkwing. During the fight, Gosalyn tries to get the key back, but Bulba knocks her off the platform, forcing Darkwing to swoop down and save her.

He then goes back to the Ramrod, proclaiming that he will not let Darkwing or Gosalyn stop him from changing the world. As the McDucks arrive at the Ramrod area to implore him to shut down the Ramrod after finding out just how dangerous and unstable it is, Bulba then responds with Darkwing Duck's catchphrase while summoning Quackerjack, Megavolt, Liquidator and Bushroot from the Darkwing Duck TV series as his newest employees.

Part Two

After letting the villains loose on St. Canard, Bulba then throws Scrooge into another dimension off-screen and locks up the nephews. Huey denounces Bulba as a fraud and warns him that using the Ramrod will destroy reality, but Taurus is well aware of this fact and reveals that he wants to destroy reality to rebuild it anew before leaving them in their cell.

Upon entering his office, he sees a very livid Bradford Buzzard sitting in his chair. Bradford expresses his strong disapproval of Bulba's use of the Ramrod, reminding him that their goal is to reign in chaos, not make more of it. Bulba justifies himself by stating that they can take over the world immediately if they went with his plan, but Bradford retorts by stating that this was not how the real world works. Bulba becomes angered by this, comparing Bradford to Scrooge and others who he believed were too scared to embrace his vision while silently giving Liquidator, Megavolt and Bushroot orders. Bradford goes on to say that Bulba's plot risks exposing FOWL to Scrooge's family and claims that they are not supervillains, but Taurus embraces his villainy as the other villains come into the office and ambush Bradford, who is incapacitated by a bolt from Megavolt. Bulba then asks the villains for an idea to announce themselves to the world. When Liquidator responds that they could kill Darkwing Duck, Bulba becomes elated by the idea and rewards him by making him his new Vice-President before sending the villains out to hunt down Darkwing. He then imprisons Bradford along with the nephews, who promptly escape with him.

Darkwing Duck, Gosalyn and Launchpad try their best to contain the villains and attempt to get one of them to take them to Bulba, but to no avail. Due to a warning from W.A.N.D.A, Darkwing decides he must fight Taurus Bulba alone for Gosalyn's safety. Taurus and the other villains see him outside the lab through a monitor and wonder what he's up to. Taurus orders the villains to bring Darkwing to him, insisting that he is no match for them all alone. Darkwing attempts to fight back, which predictably results in him getting overwhelmed and beaten up by the supervillains. They take him inside, right after Bradford throws the nephews into the same dimension as Scrooge when they found out who he really was, and Taurus announces his plan to rebuild reality to the world leaders and execute Darkwing on live television. However, Launchpad and Gosalyn were able to sneak into the building in disguise as Jambalaya Jake and the Bugmaster respectively and rescue him while using smoke bombs as cover. Taurus decides to use this as an opportunity to show the true potential of his minions on camera and orders them to attack the heroes.

Launchpad and Darkwing team up to fight the supervillains while Gosalyn uses the Ramrod to search the dimensions for her grandfather. When Launchpad and Darkwing manage to defeat the supervillains by exploiting their weaknesses, Taurus angrily decides to step in himself and finish the job. While Gosalyn is able to find Scrooge and the triplets and bring them back to their dimension, she is unable to find her grandfather or close the dimensional rift since it has grown too unstable as a result of repeated use. Meanwhile, Taurus grabs Darkwing and blames him for ruining his plans. With no other option, Gosalyn chooses to destroy the Ramrod by shooting an arrow into the machine's core. Bulba implores her to leave it open by appealing to her with the possibility of making a "better" reality with her grandfather in it. This causes her to hesitate at first, but knowing she can't endanger all of reality for the possibility of that, she fires the arrow. This results in the rift drawing the Fearsome Four back into their reality and distracts Bulba to let Darkwing fight back. The Ramrod finally explodes completely, which knocks Bulba unconscious, finally defeating him for good.

In the aftermath, Bradford is exposed as the leader of FOWL, who warns Scrooge that his adventuring days are coming to an end soon. Ultimately, Gizmoduck is given credit for saving the day, and Drake invites Gosalyn to be his partner in crime-fighting, with Launchpad joining in. It is implied that Bulba was arrested and sentenced to prison for his crimes.


Bradford: "What are you doing?"
Taurus: "Ah, Director Buzzard."
Bradford: "I hired you to crack the Solego Circuit for FOWL's master plan, and instead you do... all this!? We're trying to reign in chaos, not create more of it!"
Taurus: "Sir, this is a huge opportunity! You want to take over the world? This is a big, bold way to do it!"
Bradford: "This is not how things work in the real world."
Taurus: "You're just like Scrooge, and Thad, and his granddaughter, and that coward, Darkwing Duck! Too afraid to embrace a daring new vision!" (nods to Liquidator, who smiles back)
Bradford: "And what if Scrooge's family learns the extant of our plot against them? You're risking our entire operation! How many times must I say it?
We are not supervillains!"
Taurus: "Too bad! Because here at Bulba's Supervillain Solutions... we are."
~ Bulba to Bradford before betraying him for disagreeing with his views.
THAT'S IT!! A GOOD BOSS knows when to step in and get his HANDS DIRTY!!
~ Bulba intending to kill Darkwing Duck himself following the Fearsome Four's failure to do so on live television.
Taurus: "YOU.... RUINED.... EVERYTHING!!!"
Darkwing: (to Gosalyn) "Keep.... LOOKING!!"
(Gosalyn decides to fire an arrow to destroy the Ramrod)
Taurus: (terrified) "GOSALYN, NO!! Who CARES about this reality?! We can make a better one, one with your grandpa in it!"
~ Bulba trying to stop Gosalyn from destroying the Ramrod.


  • Unlike his original incarnation, he doesn't speak with a Russian accent and also worked for F.O.W.L. He does, however, retain his red suit top, purple pants, and big lips (particularly his lower one).
  • He is easily the most dangerous villain in the entire series since he attempted to destroy all of reality, more so than Bradford Buzzard himself, who is also Pure Evil.
  • It is most likley he will return, or may even be the main antagonist, in the planned reboot of Darkwing Duck on Disney+ as it would be in the same continuity of the Ducktales reboot.

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