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Wait, what?!
~ Taylor's catchphrase

Taylor is a minor antagonist of the Canadian animated franchise Total Drama, serving as a minor antagonist of Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race. She competed along with her mother , Kelly , as a member of the "The Mom & Daughter" team.

She was voiced by Bryn McAuley, who also voiced Samey and Amy in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, Suzi in Camp Lakebottom and N'ORB and Larry Nepp in Grojband.


Taylor is a teenage girl with brown hair, black eyes and light pink lipstick. She wears a yellow shirt and a light yellow skirt, along with a brown belt with a light blue buckle. She wears long boots colored dark purple and yellow. She also wears a yellow bracelet on her left-hand wrist.


Taylor is a wealthy girl pampered at a young age by her parents, who showered her with everything money can buy. Taylor is rude and ungrateful towards her mother, Kelly, making her daughter a villain (albeit unknowingly). Taylor even blames any faults on her mother when they face the race, even if Taylor herself is responsible for something going wrong. However, Taylor has a soft spot for her father, since he showers her with gifts, and Taylor believes they have plenty in common, as they both dislike avocados and like being successful in anything that they do. She won medals and trophies at beauty pageants and various competitions, which lead her to believe that she had skills.

Later on, it is revealed in "Hawaiian Honeyruin" that she was just poor at everything she thought she was good at. Kelly revealed to Taylor that all her awards were given to her by her father who bought a trophy shop, and her beauty pageants were all fake. In "Hello And Dubai", Kelly finally punishes Taylor and she becomes devastated, starting to see the errors of her ways to her mother and warms up to Kelly.



  • Kelly



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