Taylor Sinclair

Taylor Sinclair is the main antagonist from "The Broker," episode 5.12 of Matlock.

She was played by Signy Coleman.

Taylor Sinclair is a successful stockbroker for the firm of Campbell, Wagner, and Campbell, but it was revealed that Taylor's success was due to inside information, and she was being investigated by the SEC. Richard Wagner planned to fire Taylor to save the firm, and in the beginning of the episode, Taylor and fellow stockbroker John Randall witnessed Wagner and partner Avery Campbell arguing, with Campbell clutching a candlestick. It was at that very moment that Taylor devised an evil plan to save her career, and it began with killing Wagner that same night, doing so by bludgeoning him with the aforementioned candlestick. The plan was to frame Campbell (who hired and groomed Taylor) for the murder, as his prints were on the weapon.

Though Campbell was successfully suspected for the murder, the evil Taylor shot and killed Campbell at his home; committing the murder to prevent the possibility of her role in Wagner's murder being revealed. Taylor used Campbell's own gun to kill him, and she made the murder look like a suicide committed by a guilty man, even devising a note to further the ruse. After noticing Julie March looking through Taylor's files, the scheming villainess followed Julie to Campbell's home, where Julie found Taylor's broken glasses. Taylor appeared and fired shots at Julie, but she was quickly subdued and arrested. At episode's end, Taylor was put on trial while Julie gave her opening statement, and it was assumed that she was convicted of double murder.