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You! I told you that if I ever saw you again, I'd cut your f--king throats!
~ Tazal's first threat to Asher Forrester.
We are nothing like you. The Lost Legion are the blood of Old Valyria, and we are done taking orders from whimpering pigs.
~ Tazal showing his pride for his group.
F--k you, Asher!
~ Tazal killing Asher non-canonically.

Tazal is a minor antagonist in the Game Of Thrones video game. He is a member of the Lost Legion and a nemesis of Asher Forrester.


Tazal use to work under slave masters by enforcing the slaves to obey their masters, he also murdered anyone that the slave masters hired kill. but after the slave liberation by Daenerys Targaryen, Tazal became a Mercenary capturing the slave masters that he once worked under but not out of justice but manly just for the bounty on their head.

In Episode Two: The Lost Lords: Tazal and his men barged in the tavern Asher and Beskha are occupying in Yunkai, to collect their 800 gold dragons coins reward for capturing a slave master and take their bounty for himself, he offered them 400 gold dragon coins for their bounty half of what they would've got if they handed in the slave master to the person that asked for him dead. Tazal killed the slave master so he can collect the 800 golden dragon coins for himself and get his revenge of Asher and Beskha for their past actions. Tazal wanted to pin the blame on Asher and Beskha for killing the slave master so he could have a justified reason for killing them.

Tazal and his men where defeated by Asher and Beskha, Tazal was severely injure after the fight with his arm cut off and a deadly stab womb in his rib. Asher then is given the option to stomp on his throat snapping his neck or let him live and break his knee.


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