Tchang Zu

Tchang Zu

Tchang Zu is an antagonist in the TV series Jackie Chan Adventures. is one of the Demon Sorcerers and the brother of Shendu. His element is thunder.

He was voiced by Clancy Brown.


Tchang Zu has a tall appearance with blue skin reptilian and black armor with yellow outlines.


Tchang Zu once ruled the world, along with Shendu and his demon brethren, but was banished by the immortal and actor, Cao Guojiu, who used a pair of castanets to defeat him. His portal resided in a movie studio in Hollywood, California.

He made his first appearance in "The Stronger Evil," where he appeared before Shendu's spirit, accusing him for making excuses to rule the world for himself, causing him to throw a thunderbolt at his brother. As Shendu promised to free his brethren, Tchang Zu and the other demons reluctantly agreed and placed a spell on him as a safety measure.

In the episode, "And He Does His Own Stunts," Shendu in Valmont's body used the Pan Ku Box, which freed Tchang Zu. Tchang Zu ordered Shendu and the Dark Hand to take him to his palace. As they drove around, Tchang Zu saw a parking lot and thought it was a palace that the humans built for him. But Ratso pointed it out to him, angering Tchang Zu. As they kept driving, Ratso suggested the Chinese Theatre to him. Tchang Zu said it would suffice. Once they entered the building, Jackie Chan snuck inside and saw the Dark Hand sitting in the theatre rows, watching Tchang Zu on the stage as he vowed to destroy the city. Finn referred to him as a regular alleviate. Tchang Zu noticed Jackie and began to attack him outside the theatre. As they were fighting, Uncle used a pair of castanets, the symbol of the immortal who defeated him, to send him back into the portal from which he came.

Later in the episode, "The Demon World," he was going to visit Hsi Wu but instead discovered the Chans. He began to fight them, until Paco used the castanets to send him back to the Netherworld.


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