You hear that, Sid? There's a man in the woods.
~ The teacher

The Teacher is the unnamed main protagonist and titular character of the poem and 2014 animated short film There's A Man in the Woods

He was voiced by Michael Ho.


The teacher was formerly a teacher over a group of young children. Before his tragic fall from grace, the teacher valued his students dearly, even Sid to a degree and he would also allow them to collect honeysuckles at recess. This would all change when Sid began to spread lies about there being a serial killer in the woods by the school. While he knew about Sid's lies, the teacher convinces himself that the rumors would die down and normalcy would return. Unfortunately, word about the allegations began to spread throughout the town, leading to many parents and moral guardians to criticize the school for not taking any action. The teacher is blamed for his inactivity, and he was fired. The teacher tried to find work at other schools, but he was rejected. 

The teacher's life slowly became a wreck with him resorting to drinking heavily and smoking cocaine among other hard drugs. Becoming wrought with vengeance towards his former student Sid, the teacher became the eponymous "Man in the Woods" by waiting for Sid to be alone, and he reaches into his trench coat to grab an unknown object tucked away inside.

The video abruptly ends with no indication of whether the teacher truly did kill Sid or if it was a murder-suicide scenario. He was also most likely taken to a mental ward in the events that he did murder his former student. Darker theories suggest that Sid may as well have been just the first of his many victims with him going onto kill the other students in his class, or the parents of the children who were indirectly responsible for his firing.