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Teacher Bun Bun, often called Bun Bun by players, is a major boss in Battle Cats and the main antagonist of the Empire of Cats chapter. He appears at the Moon of Chapter 3.


English description

Former Master of Teacher Bear. His physical punishment is love. Don't think. FEEL!

Japanese description

Former teacher of teacher bear. He shouts "physical punishment is love!" whenever he passes a cat. He is trying to fit up boys in boy camp to real tough men-like boys (Rough translation.)


Teacher Bun Bun is an extremely difficult enemy in Battle Cats, capable of immediately killing almost every Cat he attacks at the time he is first fought. He also has many in-game variants, such as Bun Bun Black, J.K. Bun Bun, Li'l Bun Bun (who is presumed to be his son), and Bun Bun Symbiote.

Teacher Bun Bun sometimes appears in other games that collaborate with Battle Cats, such as Metal Slug Defense.


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