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The Names Saxton Hale Australian CEO of Man Co and the man who is gonna burn this place to the ground!
~ Saxton Hale Intro.
It's like Christmas morning...
~ Christian Brutal Snipers Intro.
Scout Shako for 2 Refined!
~ Demopan's Intro.

The Team Fortress Freaks are the main antagonists in the popular Team Fortress 2 Custom Gamemode Freak Fortress 2.

They Are Evil Creations Made by people of the community often seen on Youtube videos or just made for the mod its self.


One Player is chosen to be the boss once per round. The Bosses vary server to server. The Bosses Have many types of abilities such as Uber Stun And Weapons. The Bosses Can Super Jump by holding right click and loop up in the air. They Can oneshot any class expect soldiers and heavy's and demos with the eyelander passed 4 heads. Some Bosses can teleport. by doing the same thing as superjumping.


Many Bosses Use the superjump to get to players that might be in hard to reach places. If Players are camping with sentry's The Boss can rage and active a effect that stuns the players and sentry guns.

Powers and Abilities

  • Ubercharge: The Boss can receive Uber for a short time not being able to take damage.
  • Charging: This ability is notable form demopan this gives the boss the ability to charge at your enemies.
  • Weapons: Many Bosses On Rage receive a weapon such as a huntsman or a pistol it varies on the boss.
  • Speed: The Freaks have increased Speed they can catch up to most mercs expect the scout.
  • Strength: The Freaks can take a lot of damage before being killed. and there weapons can send people flying in the air.
  • SuperJumping: The Freaks can jump fair up in the air to catch people in hard to reach places.

Known Freaks

Saxton Hale

The CEO of MANN CO and a antagonist in Team Fortress 2 in Freak Fortress 2 Saxton Hale is a default boss with the normal stun and superjump.

Headless Horseman Jr.

The HHH is the smaller version of the Headless Horseman also known as Silas Mann. In Freak Fortress 2 HHH has teleportation and has his signature weapon The HHH headtaker this weapon has long reach.


A Demo wearing the Treasure Hat and has a frying pan and wanting to trade a scout shako for 2 ref. in Freak Fortress 2 He has a charging ability and a semi blind rage.

List of members




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