Team Quval is a faction of Players within the Deathgalien led by Team Leader Quval and antagonists in Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger. They are one of the two main teams participating in the Blood Game. This team consists of about 8 members.


Team Quval was assembled by Quval after his induction into the Deathgalien.

Arriving on Earth to participate in the 100th Blood Game, after Jagged was killed by the Zyuohgers while leading the initial attack on Earth, Team Quval was left with Team Azald as their primary opponents.

After the deaths of two of Team Azald's Players were destroyed, it was Team Quval's turn to strike. Quval sent down Amigard as his first Player to Earth, but the Player was destroyed by the Zyuohgers as well.

The team was later disbanded after Quval betrayed Ginis in revenge for him destroying his home planet before being killed by the Zyuohgers.





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