Team Snagem is a criminal organization in the video games Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.


Team Snagem was once a petty group of thieves operating in Orre. They used Eclo Canyon to conceal their Snagem Hideout. One day, Team Snagem agreed to an alliance with Cipher, another criminal organization. Cipher supplied Team Snagem with Snag Machines, which allowed Snagem members to steal Pokémon from trainers. Team Snagem were eventually given powerful Shadow Pokémon as well. Wes, a former member of Team Snagem, stole a portable Snag Machine and blew up the Snagem Hideout.

The leader of Team Snagem, Gonzap, later confronted Wes at Realgam Tower, and was defeated. The two had a rematch in the remains of the Snagem Hideout, and Gonzap lost again.

In Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, Team Snagem attempts to regain their former glory by stealing the Snag Machine used by Michael. However, Michael attack Snagem Hideout, defeating Gonzap and reclaiming the Snag Machine. Gonzap then helps Michael, noting that as long as Cipher is active in Orre, Snagem will never be the most powerful criminal organization there.

During the ending sequence of Pokémon XD, Gonzap and Wakin, Gonzap's second-in-command, are shown standing with the rest of the "good" characters.


  • Gonzap (boss)
  • Wakin
  • Biden
  • Agrev
  • Wes (former)



  • Team Snagem's name is a pun of snagging, or "Snag 'em".
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