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Team Stylish was a group of modified humans and was led by Dr. Stylish. They appear as minor antagonists in the dark fantasy manga/anime series Akame Ga Kill!.


Dr. Stylish had been conducting many experiments on many people and was given countless individuals to experiment on by the Imperial Government. Many of these people were simply criminals who were handed over to Dr. Stylish in exchange for lighter sentences. The doctor conducted many experiments on the criminals and he eventually created an army of mechanically modified super-soldiers and had them as his personal bodyguards where they eliminated many of his enemies.

One night, Dr. Stylish had been able to track down Tatsumi and he brought along with him his army and he soon sent Team Stylish after Night Raid with the intent to destroy them after they had discovered their headquarters in the outskirts of the Imperial Capitol. The raid first began after Trooma had attacked Leone with a knife and everyone else was sent in from there. Lubbock then ran into an unknown team member and beat him when a large group of them arrived and he fled only to have Akame come in and kill all of them only to face off against Toby. Later on during the fight, Tatsumi had fought against Kaku only to be incinerated by Mine. Toby was eventually killed and everyone was forced outside where Leone had finally killed Trooma and soon, the whole team was surrounded when Najenda came in to the rescue.

Najenda had soon sent in Susanoo to finish off the remaining team members. Susanno flies down and he soon begins to slaughter all of the Team Stylish members as he butchers them with his staff and saves the Night Raid members. Susanoo and the rest of Night Raid go with Najenda after Dr. Stylish and the surviving scouts to finish him off when he turns into a Danger Beast and consumes the remaining team members in a last bid to destroy Night Raid. He ends up failing and the doctor is then killed by Akame leaving the group disbanded with all of its members dead.

Notable Members

  • Dr. Stylish (founder and leader; killed by Akame)
  • Hana (devoured by Dr. Stylish)
  • Me (devoured by Dr. Stylish)
  • Mimi (devoured by Dr. Stylish)
  • Kaku (killed by Mine)
  • Toby (killed by Akame)
  • Trooma (killed by Leone)


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