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Team Toguro are a team of four powerful Lower to Upper B-Class demons that participated in the Dark Tournament and the main antagonists of the Dark Tournament saga of Yu Yu Hakusho. They are led by Younger Toguro and their team manager is Sakyo of the Black Book Club.


The Toguro brothers were used by Sakyo in his plan to undermine his boss Gonzo Tarukane into betting his entire wealth on the Toguro Brothers' victory against the spirit detective. After the Toguro Brothers deliberately lost, Tarukane lost the bet and Sakyo, who had bet on Urameshi's victory, reaped the benefits. After his agenda to open a permanent Makai tunnel was exposed, Sakyo had the Toguro brothers kill the members of the Black Book Club who opposed his plan.

Team Toguro later participated in the Dark Tournament, Toguro tracks Yusuke Urameshi down to his home town and pressured him to join the Dark Tournament, threatening to kill his loved ones if he didn't.

Despite having only four members and not five members required to participate, the vast individual power of each of the members of Team Toguro allowed them to easily crush the teams pitted against them. In the first round, Younger Toguro was able to take out four members of the Spirit Warriors by himself.

Eventually, Team Toguro ascends to the Final Round along with Team Urameshi and the two teams face off, In the first match, Karasu faced off against Team Urameshi's Karasu. Kurama killed Kurasu using his Yoko Kurama form, but still lost the match on a ten count technicality. In the second match, Bui fought Hiei. While Bui was able to reverse the Dragon of the Darkness Flame attack against Hiei, Hiei absorbed the darkness flame and defeated Bui, though allowed him to live.

The third match was between Elder Toguro and Kuwabara. Elder Toguro initially had the advantage due to his shape-shifting allowing him to move the location of his internal organs, however Kuwabara was able to defeat Elder Toguro by destroying most of his outer body, thus forcing him to hide under the ring until he regenerated. However, finding his older brother's sadism distasteful, Younger Toguro knocks Elder Toguro off the island. Following the third match, the final battle between Yusuke and Younger Toguro begins. At the start of the match, Sakyo bets his own life on the success of his team and plans to commit suicide if Team Toguro loses.

In a climactic battle between the two, Yusuke is able to defeat Younger Toguro. His team having lost, Sakyo enforces the bet he made and and sets the entire stadium to self destruct, dying as the stadium collapses on him.


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