Team Tropolis are supporting antagonists in the 2018 3D-Animation film, Maya the Bee: The Honey Games. They are one of Maya's friends and former arch-rivals.


They started out was hostile, sneaky, and mean which they dislikes for the meadow bugs, including Maya and her Team Poppy. While in the Honey Games, they were cunning, selfish, rude, and competitive with the meadow bugs which they can help their henchmen Violet cheat during the challenge in order of Beegood to win while he's lying about Team Poppy would lose and the Empress will take all the hive's honey from the bees. As Team Tropolis were rescued by Team Poppy from Thekla, they becomes caring, friendly, helpful, and kind towards the meadow bugs (even Maya) and they begin to help Team Poppy win the final race as they abandoned of rivals.

In the Movie

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  • They one of Violet's team.
  • They later reformed become friends with Maya and Team Poppy after they being saved from Thekla.
  • They also watches Bedford defeats Thekla before they becomes an anti-heroes.