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Mister Tearguy

Tearjerker is the villain of the titular episode "Tearjerker", an American Dad episode.

Tearjerker was the spy Stan Smith's archenemy, whom he sends his henchmen to assassinate. He then kidnaps Stan, and Sexpun (AKA Francine) and forces them to watch his tragedy film Oscar Gold which he also claims he the saddest film of all time. It is the tale of a mentally retarded Jewish boy, who is an alcholoic in The Holocaust. He had a pet dog, who later dies of cancer, and he vows to stop drinking. Tearjerker planned on using the film to literally kill people with crying. When Tearjerker was defeated, he tries to escape in his escape pod. However, it malfunctions and he falls into a volcano. The expectation for him returning was slim, when he rose his hand out of the lava, only to have it weakly fall back in. However, in its sequel episode, For Black Eyes Only, he apparently survived the volcano, and is then imprisoned in a secret prison. He reluctantly joins Stan after he learned that he was after the antagonist Black Villain. He wanted to get revenge on Black Villain for treachery. However, he later stabs Smith in the back, and joins forces with Black Villain. When Stan turns the hair dryers back on, Tearjerker is rescued alongside Sexpuneequa. However, he is later thrown into the ocean and is impaled by a swordfish. The possibility of him surving for another episode seemed unlikely since he crawled out of the ocean only for an orca to drag him back in, swordfish included. He was a parody of Ernst Stavro Blofeld of James Bond fame, and was potrayed by Roger.

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