Tecchu is one of the three Vice-Shoguns of the Space Shogunate Jark Matter and a major antagonist in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.

He was voiced by Hiroshi Tsuchida, who previously voiced Reversian Blitz Hells, Hades Beastman Kirikage the Ninja, Makirika, Yanasudare, and Debo Karyudosu.


Tecchu was summoned along with his fellow Vice-Shoguns by Don Armage and given the task of eliminating the Kyurangers.

He later fought the Kyurangers in the Jark Matter Broadcasting Station. He managed to injure Washi Pink but was driven away by Houou Soldier. He later returns with his pet, Metal Deathworm, and sends it to attack the Kyurangers but it is destroyed by the three Kyuren Gattai of Kyuren-Oh, Gigant Houou and Ryutei-Oh.

He later fights the Kyurangers again alongside his henchman, Gyapler. Gyapler easily defeats the Kyurangers and devour all of them, save for Lucky. However, Houou Soldier soon arrives to back up his comrade and Gyapler is destroyed by the trio of Shishi Red, Houou Soldier and Ryu Commander.

Tecchu later fought the Kyurangers for a final time on the planet Toki. After being destroyed in his normal form he enlarges and is finally killed by Kyutama Dai GattaiKyutamajin.

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