You tell Wednesday this, man. You tell him he's history. He's forgotten. He's old. And he'd better accept it. Tell him that we are the future and we don't give a fuck about him or anyone like him. His time is over. You fucking tell him that, man. Yes? He's been consigned to the dumpster of history while people like us ride our limos down the superhighways of tomorrow.
~ The Technical Kid's threat to Shadow

The Technical Boy is an antagonist in the book American Gods by Neil Gaiman. He is one of the New Gods who seeks to kill all the Old Gods  - such as Odin, Medusa, Thor, Chernobog - and urbanize America into a completely modern world. At the beginning of the story he abducts Shadow and takes him in his limo where he threatens to have "the children" break every bone in Shadow's body. The Technical Kid threatens to make Shadow tell Odin that he is history, otherwise he will "delete" Shadow, which means kill him. He always uses technical speech when discussing matters.

The Technical Kid is implied to be the personifcation of computers, and Internet, and such. The Technical Kid is revealed to be under Loki's command, and using hatemongering to stir up the war. The Technical Kid is one of many New Gods, such as Agent Town, Agent Road, and Agent Stone.

The Technical Kid murders the Queen of Sheba, by running her over in his limo, and says she's a fucking waste of space.

The Technical Kid also attends Odin's funeral when Loki kills Odin, and he seems to be fighting with himself or something in his bedroom. He either says "It's just me" or "It's just meat" but it's hard to tell. He tries to bring up a song for Odin but can't remember the words. The Technical Kid also asks Shadow if he told Odin the message. He goes out for burgers and fries for the others and leaves Shadow to meet Loki, whom he knew as his old cell mate.

The Technical Kid is seen at Lookout Mountain, in central America, discussing the war with the Old Gods. The Technical Kid asks impatiently where Loki is, as he has matters to discuss with him, and then he pauses to argue with a huge creature about whether there will be a war. The Technical Kid then moves on down to Loki's room and tells him what's happening. He is a little confused when Loki says he will use the spear to resurrect Odin, so Loki gives the Technical Kid an example of what he means, and stabs him through the neck, but blood doesn't come out, instead he seems to fuse, spark, and shut down - much like a computer. Loki comments how funny his death was.

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