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I have the power!
~ Ted

Ted, also called like "Ted from Accounting for being the accountant in the Hater Empire, "Ted", is a Watchdog whose name were first mentioned in episode "The It" of Wander Over Yonder show.


He is identical to the rest of the Watchdogs.


Ted made his debut in "The It". In the episode, Lord Hater took over the galaxy by chasing everyone away through a game of tag. Peepers and the watchdogs celebrated their success with Hater, who was exhausted from his tag-induced rampage. In the moment of victory, Hater high-fived Ted, unintentionally making him "it". Ted realized the power he had now and left the watchdogs while screaming "I have the power!".


  • His signature quote is an obvious Thundercats weapons, that being the main character's signature phrase and preforming a similar motion that he does whenever it is spoken.


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