Tedran was a Kyrian villain introduced in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Living Witness".

He was portrayed by Brian Fitzpatrick.


In 2374 the Federation starship Voyager was travelling through the part of the Delta Quadrant when the Kyrian and Vaskan people lived. Captain Kathryn Janeway entered into a trade deal with the Vaskans in order to obtain medical supplies. As she and Vaskan Ambassador Daleth wrapped up their trade deal, Tedran and his people boarded Voyager. After killing three engineering crew members Tedran and the other Kyrians took Seven of Nine hostage.

Janeway and her crew confronted Tedran in the ship's mess hall. There Tedran was shot and killed by Daleth. The other Kyrians were able to escape Voyager, but not before stealing a number of items, including the Doctor's backup module.

Voyager departed the area not long afterwards, continuing her journey home. Meanwhile Tedran's death caused war to break out between the Kyrian and Vaskan people. The Vaskans eventually won the war, and the Kyrians were regulated to second class status for several centuries afterwards.

By the early 31st century Tedran was considered a martyr to the Kyrian people. A warped history of Tedran's final hours in which Tedran was captured and then executed by Captain Kathryn Janeway of the warship Voyager became accepted as historical fact.

It was not until the previously stolen Voyager EMH backup module was rediscovered by the Kyrian Quarren that the historical record was corrected, and that Tedran's true role in the begingging of the war was brought to light.