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Teenage Boys are a pair of nameless antagonists in the video game Twisted Metal: Black. They are the reason for the character Raven joining the tournament.


Gothic teenagers Raven and her best friend Kelly were fishing at a pier in their home city of Midtown. It was summer and they just finished a year of high school. They were looking through Tarot cards to see if a boy liked Kelly. Raven drew the death card and that was when trouble began.

Moments later, a car pulled up to the pier and two teenage boys got out. The boys called Kelly and Raven "witches" and physically harassed them. One of the boys grabbed Raven's arms while the other boy held Kelly by her ankles. He wanted to see if a "witch" can swim. Raven shouted Kelly can't swim but he completely ignored her. He dropped Kelly into the water before driving away with his friend. Raven tried to save Kelly but she couldn't swim either. She could only watch helplessly as her friend struggled to stay afloat. Before drowning, Kelly told Raven to get revenge.

Raven's parents blamed her for the incident and sent her to Blackfield Asylum. Raven's only thoughts were about her best friend Kelly. One day, Raven was visited by a man named Calypso. He gave her an offer to compete in his Twisted Metal contest. He promised to give Raven the chance for revenge if she won. Without hesitation, she accepted the offer and was freed from Blackfield Asylum.

After a long battle, Raven won the contest. She went to Calypso and demanded her prize. As promised, Calypso fulfilled his end of the bargain. He gave two voodoo dolls to Raven. She pushed a needle into each doll. She thought she heard screaming but wasn't sure.

Two days later, the local police found two dead bodies in a parked car. They were the boys who were responsible for Kelly's death. Satisfied, Raven took the dolls and drove away. She decided to use them if she ever encountered her parents again but that hasn't happened yet.


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