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Teenagers are the main protagonists of the famous disturbing music video titled "Fantasy" by the French musician DyE.

Plot in Fantasy

Four teenagers run together to a window that leads into a swimming pool. One of the teens opens the window, going inside and helping the other three get inside. The last girl that enters is very shy and nervous, while the other three are eager to have fun. Eventually, two of the teenagers start making out with each other, while the shy girl sits next to another teen.

When the other teen sees the two making out, he slowly pushes the shy girl, then goes in for a kiss. The shy girl quickly jumps into the swimming pool to escape the kiss. As she is in the pool, her genitalia suddenly starts violently pulsating. Shocked, she swims out of the pool, holding her genitalia, as the teen that sat next to her tries to help her.

Out of nowhere, the two teens are horrified to see that the two teenagers that were making out have transformed drastically. Both of them have white skins and eyes, and the male teen's arm transformed into a large phallic tentacle, which resided inside of the female teen.

The shy girl quickly runs as the other teen, disgusted, starts to vomit. The transformed boy's tentacle arm rips off the human boy's boxers, and the transformed girl sprints towards him, her face splitting apart and growing a massive set of teeth, biting his genitalia and killing him. The shy girl tries to escape via a locked door, but it is locked. She then tries to get out by crawling out of the window but falls back onto her knees.

She watches the male teen transform into an alien-like creature, while the girl grotesquely merges with the other human boy's corpse. As one of the creatures tries to attack, the shy girl escapes by jumping into the pool again, this time entering another dimension through the pool's floor. Inside of the dimension, she looks up and sees a huge creature, which suddenly makes her eyes explode, killing her.