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Gentlemen, if it has a hole... I can f**k it.
~ Tek Knight.

Tek Knight is a supporting antagonist in the highly controversial adult comic-book series The Boys. He a founding member of Payback. Unlike the rest of the superheroes in The Boys universe, he has no actual powers, instead using a high-tech suit to fight.



Tek Knight is a founding member of the super-group Payback. His sidekick is Laddio, the former leader of Maverikz.

After a false tip to capture a terrorist army, Payback was flying back to their headquarters. He became aware of fellow teammates and faux robot, Mind-Droid's rear end. He tried having relations with him in mid-flight and was suspended from the team. He has since been going at it pretty much non-stop with anything that will suffice (and even things that won't).

He tried going to a psychiatrist and even ended up trying to have his way with the doctor's coffee cup and cat. Luckily, Tek Knight was able to send off Laddio on a mission to "prove himself to be a man" in order to remove the temptation. He also tried to have sex with his butler Thomas, only getting as far as his ear. Thomas was very loyal to the Vernon family but left and told the newspaper that he was sexually assaulted by his master.

The newspaper nicknamed him "Homo Hero" due to this. He came to the attention of The Boys when they were investigating the death of Steve Rubenstein. He pushed them out of his house when they were asking too many questions but they returned and ended up with his mask exploded while wearing because of Female when he almost shot Butcher and Hughie.

Formerly he was Tek Knight's sidekick Laddio, but set out on his own once he reached a certain age. It is interesting to note that Tek Knight, Swingwing and Talon had a threesome that led to the dissolution of Tek Knight and Swingwing’s friendship.

Tek Knight eventually retires but saves a woman and her child from a falling wheelbarrow full of bricks because it was hit by an asteroid rain. In his last dying moments, he envisions himself saving the Earth from an asteroid as big as Texas, and dying heroically by having sex with it. This is just the cover story for his death, as after a postmortem it is revealed he had a huge tumor on his brain which caused his strange desires.

TV Series

He does not appear in any of the episodes of season 1. He is, however, mentioned frequently. 



  • He is a villainous parody of Batman from DC Comics and Iron Man from Marvel Comics.


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