comic book artwork of Teleios


Teleios as he appears in-game

Teleios is the "Perfect Man", an insane and utterly amoral scientist who believes that he alone is the superior being destined to rule the world - making him one of the more dangerous villains to be fought in Champions Online.

Teleios makes his home in the Canadian Wilderness but can be fought in other locations, such as Monster Island - his plot is both simple yet unimaginably complex in design: creating innumerable clones of himself (both natural and altered) he seeks to populate the world with said clones and remake it in his "perfect" image.

A criminal megalomaniac of the highest degree Teleios is utterly convinced of his own perfection and has a fanatical zeal in his work that has been labelled "depraved" by Justiciar, one of Canada's leading superheroes.

Player heroes can face Teleios in Monster Island when the mad scientist begins to terrorize the jungle island - ultimately using a machine to become a mutated, gigantic monster.

After this Teleios is available once more to high-leveled players who wish to brave the horrors of Teleios Towers in Canada, where they must fight through hundreds of Teleios clones in order to stand a chance at finally taking the mad scientist down a peg or two.


  • Although not officially confirmed some fans have speculated Teleios was meant to represent the "Ubermensche" - a legendary figure from Neitzche philosophy that was believed to be so "perfect" that morals and mortal laws would no longer apply to him, becoming unleashed from society and being (in essence) his own God.