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You've got a choice. Me or him. And I don't like the odds of your weapon versus my armor. You can save him or you can stop me. But not, I think, both. You need to choose.
~ Templar to Captain Price.
I am called The Templar. It's a bit dramatic, but very threatening, no?
~ Templar to Ghost.
I killed you once, Ghost. I can do it again.
~ Templar fighting Ghost for second time.

Édouard Couteau, also known as Templar, is a featured playable character of the 2019 first person shooter, Call of Duty: Mobile, and one of the two main antagonists (alongside The Five Knight) in the Mobile comics. In the comics, he is a mercenary for hire who is working for "The Fifth Knight" the mysterious leader of the Five Knights, a criminal organization that recruits terrorist leaders to topple governments unitil he decides to become their leader fighting against them. He also acts as a nemesis to the United Anti-Terrorism Coalition and Simon "Ghost" Riley.



Not much is known about Templar, but it's assumed that he is French due to his dialogue with Ghost. It's also implied that he was a member or was associated with the United Anti-Terrorism Coalition, as he has a picture of the UAC members. Another indication is when he is confronted by Captain Price, stating that it was good to see him again. If this is true, then he appears to want to get revenge on his former allies for unknown reasons. Templar would become a mercenary for hire, and would join the criminal organization, the Five Knights alongside Vladimir Makarov, Raul Menendez, Gabriel T. Rorke, Mace, Dame, Vagr Modir, Rott, Sebastian Krueger, and Hidora Kai. Serving under the "Fifth King", Templar would help the criminal organization destroy governments and recruit other terrorist organizations.

Call of Duty: Mobile

After donning his armor and weapons, Templar proceeds to threw a few of his knives at a picture of UAC operatives, John Price, John "Soap" MacTavish, Simon "Ghost" Riley, Mara, and Tank Dempsey. When Price and Soap traveled to an unidentified location while the others went to Alcatraz and the Hackney Yard, Templar intercepted the two operatives. During the fight, Templar mortally wounds Soap and has a brief stand off with Price, telling the captain that it was good to see him again. The mercenary then told Price that he had two options, to either save Soap or stop Templar. Price decides to save MacTavish, leaving Templar to escape via helicopter and presumably return to speak with the "Fifth Knight"

After Ghost speaks with Makarov, whom he learns is alive after his assumed death and the organization of the Five Knights, he encounters Templar. The two fight briefly with knifes, with Templar managing to stab and mortally wound Ghost, stating that he expected better from a warrior of equal strength. A dissatisfied Templar leaves Ghost to die of his wounds, taking his mask as a trophy, but Riley would be rescued by Makarov and be given to the Ghosts. After Menendez was apprehended by Charly and her squad, Templar was tasked with rescuing him. Templar murdered Charly's unit but left her wounded by throwing a knife at her, and left the area with Menendez.

During his time, Templar was also tasked with trying to find Makarov, as the "Fifth Knight" learned that Vladimir was alive and was possibly helping the other side. According to the leader of the Five Knights, Templar was looking for Makarov for over a year. When speaking with the "Fifth Knight", Templar was reprimanded for not finding Makarov, but was told that finding Vladimir was no longer the organization's priority. The "Fifth Knight" then told the mercenary that he had another mission for him, which Templar accepts. Menendez is later apprehended by Mace, who is working for the UAC to help them find his former allies. Menendez was interrogated by General Shepherd and Captain Price for information about the Five Knights, and Raul informed them that Templar was sent to Texas. Due to him being sent to a hideout that Ghost had previously raided, it's assumed that Templar was sent there to find out what what the operative was doing there.

After the second fight against the Ghosts and Simon Riley, He was injured but he manages escapes with help of Dame, his partner. Both decided to fight against the Five Knight with help of the Dark Covenant to become the ultimate leader of the Five Knight tired of being their puppet.


How nice to see you again.
~ Templar to Captain Price.
Splendid plan. Shame it didn't work.
~ Templar fighting Captain Price and Soap.
Ah, you should have brought bigger bullets, yes?
~ Templar to Ghost.
I expected more.
~ Templar after defeating Ghost.
No one will ever know you the 5th Knight, Sir. I will find him.
~ Templar to the "Fifth Knight".



  • The appearance of his armor is similar to The Predator.
    • He also shows some personality similar to the Predator, as both collect trophies from their foes.
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