BoJack Horseman Villains

            BoJack Horseman Villains

Lead Characters
BoJack Horseman | Princess Carolyn

Lead Characters' Families
Beatrice Sugarman-Horseman | Butterscotch Horseman | Joseph Sugarman

Sarah Lynn | Character Actress Margo Martindale | Hank Hippopopalous | Cardigan Burke | Jessica Biel | Ritchie Osbourne | Flip McVicker | Jeremiah Whitewhale | Vance Waggoner | Angela Diaz

Assorted L.A. Residents
Ayako | The Paparazzi Birds | Celebrity Stealing Club | Katrina Peanutbutter | Carol Himmelfarb-Richardson | Sarah Lynn's Stepfather

Gentle Farms (Gentle Farms Farmer) | Chicken 4 Dayz (Michael Morgan) | Secretariat | King Puss Puss

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