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Fat Cat's Gang
Fat Cat | Mepps | Mole | Snout | Wart | Juice-Lee

Maltese de Sade's Gang
Maltese de Sade | Lesueur and Ratatouille

Aldrin Klordane's Gang
Aldrin Klordane | Percy

Rat Capone's Gang
Rat Capone | Arnold Mousenegger | Sugar Ray Lizard

Captain Finn's Crew
Captain Finn | All Hands | Mr. Starfish

Winifred's Gang
Winifred | Bud and Lou

Mrs. Sweeney's Business
Mrs. Sweeney | Todd | Jack and Nickels

Baby Thaddeus's Gang
Baby Thaddeus | Monrovia and Pomona

Spy Rats
Francis | Louie and Moe

Ratso's Gang
Ratso Ratzkiwatzki | Buffy Ratzkiwatzki | Moose and Rocco

Desiree D'Allure's Gang
Desiree D'Allure | Erol

Chow Imports
Chow Li | Tommy Chow | Hu Yu | Ghengis Cat

Danger Rangers
Glitch | Digger | Scratch and Sniff | Orgo

Valley Gang
Sweet Pete | Bob the Viking | Jimmy the Polar Bear | Captain Putty | Bjornson the Cheesemonger

Professor Norton Nimnul | Normie | Robot Dogs | Spy Rats' Master | Sewernose de Bergerac | Druella O'Midas | Lahwhinie | Louie the Mountain Lion | El Emenopio | Kismet | Bubbles | Irwina Allen | Quigley | Abba-Dabba | Lord Howie | Su Lin | Heinrich Von Sugarbottom | Wexler | Sphinx of Inka-dinka-do | Zsa Zsa Labrador | Peg Leg Pete