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            Jack Ryan Villains

Red Rabbit: Boris Andreyevich Strokov
The Sum of All Fears: Ismael Qati | Ibrahim Ghosn | Günther Bock | Marvin Russell
Debt of Honor: Raizo Yamata | V. K. Chandraskatta

The Hunt For Red October (1990): Igor Loginov | Viktor Tupolev | Ivan Putin | Andrei Lysenko
Patriot Games (1992): Sean Miller | Kevin O'Donnell | Geoffrey Watkins | Dennis Cooley
Clear and Present Danger (1994): Felix Cortez | Ernesto Escobedo
The Sum of All Fears (2002): Richard Dressler | Derek Olson | Dubinin | Jared Mason | Monceau | Haft
Shadow Recruit: Viktor Cherevin | Aleksandr Borovsky | Dimitri Lemkov | Embee Deng
Without Remorse: Thomas Clay | Victor Rykov

TV series
Season 1: Mousa bin Suleiman | Ali bin Suleiman
Season 2: Nicolás Reyes | Max Schenkel | Miguel Ubarri