Pure Evil Proposals.png
To vote for the Pure Evil Proposals of the day, see:

  1. Dr. Terence Wynn from Halloween (4-6 timeline). - Ends January 18
  2. Baron Praxis from Jak II. - Ends January 18
  3. The Joker from the Injustice series. - Ends January 18
  4. Blackheart from Ghost Rider (2007). - Ends January 18
  5. The Girl from Do it For Me. - Ends January 19
  6. Samuel Blunt from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. - Ends January 19

To vote for the Removal Proposals of the day, see:

  1. Marcus from Angel. - Ends January 17
  2. Avon Hertz from Grand Theft Auto Online. - Ends January 19
  3. Lucifer from Supernatural. - Ends January 19

Only users who have been whitelisted can make proposals. Ask an admin for more information if needed.
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