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To vote for the Pure Evil Proposals of the day, see:

  1. Tzekel-Kan from The Road to El Dorado. - Ends October 22
  2. Needs More Votes: Wang from Darwin's Game. - Ends October 23
  3. The Night Slasher from Cobra. - Ends October 23
  4. General Black from Kamen Rider. - Ends October 23
  5. Ragnarok from Ben 10: Alien Force. - Ends October 23
  6. Infinity Ultron from Marvel's...What If?. - Ends October 24
  7. Jong Woo Woo from The Voice. - Ends October 24
  8. Goku Black from Super Dragon Ball Heroes. - Ends October 25

To vote for the Removal Proposals of the day, see:

  1. Norman Osborn from Marvel Comics. - Ends October 23

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