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Anton Arcane | Brain | Conclave | Darkseid | Defense Department Intelligence | Demons Three | Floronic Man | General Sunderland | Gorilla Grodd | Great Darkness | Maganto | Monsieur Mallah | Morgaine Le Fey | Nathan Ellery | Patchwork Man | Scarecrow | Solomon Grundy | Suicide Squad | Sunderland Corporation | Un-Men

Swamp Thing (1982): Anton Arcane | Un-Men
The Return of Swamp Thing: Anton Arcane | Un-Men

Swamp Thing (1990): Anton Arcane | General Sunderland | Un-Men
Swamp Thing (1991): Anton Arcane | Un-Men (Doctor Deemo, Skinman, WeedKiller)
Swamp Thing (2019): Avery Sunderland | Conclave (Nathan Ellery) | Floronic Man | Matt Cable | Munson | Shawna Sunderland

Video Games
Anton Arcane | Un-Men (Doctor Deemo, Skinman, WeedKiller)