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To this torment are condemned the carnal damned. Those for whom desire conquered reason
~ Virgil to Dante about temptresses.
Shameless abominations trumpet their hunger, their yearning. Ripe as rotten fruit, a garish misrepresentation of many confined here, those with devotion, those that remain true.
~ Francesca da Polenta about temptresses.

Temptresses are a type of villainous creatures in Dante's Inferno. They are orgasmic demons who endlessly behave sexually.


These handsome women were once greatly lustful when they lived. After they died, they are the embodiment of succumbence of lust. They are the henchwomen of Queen Cleopatra. Dante first meet them within The Tower.




Seductresses were a type of the Temptresses as their hair was up while that of Temptresses was down. No matter how their hairstyle changes, they were the same as the temptresses, but had the ability to lure the player toward them.

Forest Sirens

Forest Siren Art

Forest sirens were tall women with steamy wings, vines wrapping around the middle of their body, white dress, long white hair completely covering their head, and the blood staining their lower arms, lower front hair and upper chest.


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