The Ten Rings Agent is a minor antagonist in the 2010 Marvel film Iron Man 2. He is an unnamed spy who works for the Ten Rings led by the Mandarin.

He was portrayed by Ali Khan.


Being a loyal enforcer to the Mandarin, the Ten Rings Agent was tasked to further the organization's goals. It wasn't until the intervention of the Russian physicist Ivan Vanko, who wants revenge on Tony Stark for the deportation and disgrace of his father Anton Vanko.

Becoming aware of the situation, the Mandarin intends to help Vanko out on it. To that end, the Mandarin arranged a secret meeting between Vanko and the Ten Rings Agent at a street alley during a snowstorm in Russia. The Ten Rings Agent gave Vanko a fake ID (detailing Vanko's alias as Boris Turgenov), travel documents and a pass to the incoming Circuit de Monaco, which Stark would be attending as a racer. The Ten Rings Agent then disappeared after shaking hands with Vanko.

It is unknown what happened to the Ten Rings Agent following Ivan's death.


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Ten Rings Agent



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