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The Tenga Warriors are bird-like evil creatures and villains in both the 3rd season of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers series and Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie

Six thousand years ago, Ivan Ooze had been locked in a hyper lock chamber. Construction workers had uncovered the chamber. The chamber rose up and revealed a purple egg. That evening, Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, Goldar and Mordant arrived in beams of red light. Lord Zedd opened the egg and Ivan Ooze emerged out. Lord Zedd wanted Ivan to destroy Zordon. Ivan was successful in destroying the Command Center and Zordon was dying. Adam, Billy, Rocky, Tommy, Aisha, and Kimberly left for the planet Phaedos for the great power. Ivan was aware of what the teens were up to.

Ivan used snot to create the Tengu Warriors. Ivan sent the Tengu Warriors after the teens. The Tengu Warriors arrived on the planet Phaedos and immediately began attacking the teens. The Tengu Warriors were having an easy time of it, until Dulcea arrived. Dulcea used swirling sticks against the Tengu Warriors. The Tengu Warriors could not stand the sound and flew away. The Tengu Warriors arrived at the construction where Ivan was. Ivan was happy to see them. The Tengu Warriors reported what had happened. Ivan was not happy. The Tengu Warriors asked him if he wanted them to take another whack at it; Ivan responded by destroying them.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season Three

Rito Revolto, Rita Repulsa's younger brother, had brought Tenga eggs as a wedding present for his sister and Lord Zedd. All the eggs, except one, hatch and the Tenga Warriors were ready. Their first mission was to stop the teens, who were in Desert of Despair. Aisha, Kimberly, Adam, Billy, Rocky, and Tommy had lost their powers and now were in search of a new source of power. The Tenga Warriors tried to stop them. The Tenga Warriors battled the teens, but were unable to stop them. The teens had managed to slip into a place, where the Tenga Warriors could not follow. The Tenga Warriors than placed the last egg in front of the teens' shelter and waited.

The Tenga Warriors kept watching the entrance of the temple, and looking for a way to get it. Eventually the teens emerged. The Tenga Warriors battled the teens, who were in ninja gear. Eventually the Tenga Warriors were destroyed.

Finster had made a device that could make dreams into reality. Lord Zedd sent down several Tenga Warriors, Finster, and Rito, down to Angel Grove. Lord Zedd wanted Kimberly's nightmare to come true. The teens all happened to be together. The teens morphed into their ninja gear and battled the Tenga Warriors. Several of the Tenga Warriors got Pink Ranger and held her as Finster aimed his device at her. Doing so, brought her nightmare monster, Artistmole, to life. The Tenga Warriors, Finster, and Rito, teleported out. Later the Rangers would destroy Artistmole.

Lord Zedd has sent down Rito, Baboo, and Squatt to take Adam's lantern. Billy, Rocky, Tommy, Aisha, and Adam were close by. Rito had several Tenga Warriors come down. The Tenga Warriors battled the five teens as Baboo and Squatt went to Ko's place and grabbed all the lanterns as they were unsure which one was Adam's. Rito kept an eye on the Tenga Warriors. The Tenga Warriors kept the teens busy until Baboo and Squatt were done, and then they retreated. A monster was formed from one of the lanterns, that was later destroyed by the Power Rangers.

After watching Rocky switch places with his teacher, Mr. Wilton, Rito had gotten the same idea to switch places with Lord Zedd and Rita. Lord Zedd and Rita agree. Goldar reported that Rocky was alone in the park. Rito had no idea what to do until Goldar suggested they send down the Tengas. Several Tenga Warriors were sent down to the park. Instead of capturing Rocky, they captured Mr. Wilton, who they assumed was Rocky. Rocky arrived on hearing Mr. Wilton scream for help. Rito arrived as well and accidentally changed Mr. Wilton into Marvo The Meanie. Rocky morphed into ninja power. The rest of the Rangers arrived. The Tenga Warriors battled the Rangers and were soon defeated by them. Later, the Rangers would destroy Marvo The Meanie and Mr. Wilton was returned. Lord Zedd and Rita took over and Rito was sent to clean up Finster's workroom.

Centiback had been sent down to destroy the Rangers. Centiback had turned Bulk & Skull into footballs, along with Rocky's friend Alan and his Uncle Joe. Rocky had morphed. Centiback was about to turn Red Ranger into a football when the rest of the Rangers arrived. Several Tenga Warriors were sent down to help Centiback destroy the Rangers. The Tenga Warriors lined up with Centiback and were soon playing a football game against the Rangers. Five of the Rangers were turned into footballs. Red Ranger teleported to the Command Center before he was changed. Later, the five Rangers would be return to normal and they would destroy Centiback.

Hate Master had been sent down to Angel Grove to turn the Rangers against each other. Hate Master needed something the Rangers had touch in order to make his hate dust. Lord Zedd sent down several Tenga Warriors. The Tenga Warriors battled the Rangers. The Rangers kicked up a lot of soil. Squatt was then sent down and he gathered the soil that the Rangers had kicked up and gave it to Hate Master. Hate Master then created his hate dust. The Tenga Warriors vanished and Hate Master used the dust on the Rangers. The Rangers demorphed and hated each other, except for Aisha who was not there.

Aisha had reemerged from the Command Center. Lord Zedd and Rita knew she had to be stopped and sent down several Tenga Warriors. The Tenga Warriors landed by Aisha. Aisha changed into her ninja gear. Several of the Tenga Warriors battled Yellow Ranger as two Tenga Warriors gathered up the soil that Yellow Ranger had touch. The Tenga Warriors vanished, except for one who gave the soil to Hate Master. Hate Master tried his spell on Yellow Ranger. Aisha fought the spell and it didn't work. Aisha would then help her friends break the spell as well. The Rangers destroyed Hate Master.

Rita had sent down Rito, Baboo, and Squatt to steal an urn that contained the Face Stealer. Rito, Baboo, and Squatt walked boldly in the daylight towards the museum. They were spotted by Adam, Billy, Rocky, Tommy, and Aisha. To keep the teens occupied, Rito had several Tenga Warriors arrive. The Tenga Warriors battled the five teens, enabling Rito, Baboo, and Squatt to continue on their way. The teens defeated the Tenga Warriors. Rita would release the Face Stealer, which the Rangers would destroy.

Rita and Lord Zedd had left for their second honeymoon. Goldar was not happy about being stuck with Rito. Goldar wanted to prove himself to Lord Zedd. Goldar and several Tenga Warriors landed in the park. The teens were there. The Tenga Warriors and Goldar battled the teens. They were defeated and had to retreat.

Rita had come up with a plan and it was working. Rita had planted a stray cat (really a human girl, Kat) in the path of Kimberly and Aisha. Kimberly and Aisha were quite taken with the cat. They had taken it to the animal shelter. If no one claim it, the cat would become theirs. Rito was sent down to prevent anyone from claiming the cat. Rito had fun scaring people away, but Aisha (who was volunteering in the animal shelter) heard the commotion. Yellow Ninja battle Rito until the rest of the Rangers arrive. Rito was concern, but several Tenga Warriors arrive. The Tenga Warriors and Rita battle the Ninjas. Eventually the Tenga Warriors retreat and Rito soon followed. But the plan worked and Aisha and Kimberly adopted the cat and named it PC.

Finster, Baboo, and Squatt had found the dormant zords, the Shogunzords. Now they needed a power coin to operate it. Rita sent Kat on the mission to steal a power coin. Kat was at the lake with her "friends". There were a lot of people at the lake, and Rita knew Kat couldn't steal the coin with so many people around. Rito suggested they send down the Tenga Warriors as a distraction. The Tenga Warriors were sent down to the lake. The Tenga Warriors caused a lot of chaos, and people ran in all directions. Soon the lake was empty. The Tenga Warriors wondered what had happened to the kids on the lake. Soon the Rangers appeared, in their ninja gear. The Tenga Warriors battled the Rangers. During this time, Kat managed to steal Kimberly's power coin. The Tenga Warriors then retreated. Later, the Tenga Warriors, along with Goldar, arrived in the park. White Ranger and Ninjor arrived. The Tenga Warriors and Goldar battled White Ranger and Ninjor. Again, during the battle, Kat managed to take over the Falconzord, with the power coin. The battle greatly weakened Ninjor. Ninjor was captured, placed in a blue jar, and taken to Lord Zedd. Lord Zedd told Finster to drain Ninjor's energy, so they could use it to operate the zords.

Several Tenga Warriors were sent down to "attack" Kat. Five of the Rangers were busy battling Inciserator. Kimberly had awaken in the Command Center and insisted on helping her friend. Alpha 5 had teleported Pink Ranger to the area. The Tenga Warriors battled Pink Ranger. After awhile Pink Ranger used up all her energy. Pink Ranger collapse on the ground and demorph. Goldar appeared and took Kimberly to the palace. Lord Zedd would use Kimberly's welfare to force the rest of the teens to pilot his zords.

Aisha, Adam, Billy, Rocky, and Tommy were putting up a device that would allow Tommy to teleport to Lord Zedd's dimension, so they could rescue Kimberly. Lord Zedd spotted them and sent down Tenga Warriors. Tommy had made it through when the Tenga Warriors arrived. Adam, Billy, Rocky, and Aisha went into their ninja gear. The Tenga Warriors battled the four Rangers. During the battle, two of the Tenga Warriors spotted the device. They went over and wrecked it. Once the device was wrecked, the Tenga Warriors retreated.

Rita wanted to prevent Kimberly from competing in the Pan Global games. To do this, Rita decided she would get Kimberly exhausted. Rita waited for the right moment. Kimberly had been practicing her routine very hard. Rita then sent down several attacks. Rita sent down Artistmole and Vampirus to attack one area. Several Tenga Warriors in another area. Goldar, Rito, and several more Tenga Warriors in a different area. The five Rangers split up. The Tenga Warriors had an easy time battling. The one group battling Blue Ranger and Black Ranger while the other group battled White Ranger. Eventually Pink Ranger had to be called in to help White Ranger. The battle continued, but the rest of the Rangers managed to get Artistmole, Vampirus, and the rest of the Tenga Warriors in one area. The Tenga Warriors battled the Rangers until they were defeated. But the plan worked, and Kimberly eventually collapsed in exhaustion. Kat had managed to break through the spell and had tried to prevent Kimberly from getting hurt. But Kat was too late. Weeks earlier, a Tenga Warrior, disguised as a human boy, had talked to Kat. Rita snuck up on them. The boy revealed himself to be a Tenga Warrior. Rita then placed a terrified Kat under her spell.

Kat had gotten help for Kimberly and Kimberly was now at Angel Grove Community Hospital. Rito reported to Rita and Lord Zedd that Kimberly had recovered and they were furious. Rita and Lord Zedd sent down several Tenga Warriors to battle Rocky, Aisha, and Adam to keep them from visiting Kimberly. The Tenga Warriors were soon defeated by the three Rangers. Later, more Tenga Warriors were sent with Garbage Mouth. The Tenga Warriors battled the teens as Garbage Mouth grabbed Katherine. Soon the Tenga Warriors retreated and Garbage Mouth was destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Several Tenga Warriors went down to the park with Rita, Goldar, and Rito. They were suppose to make the trade - Ninjor for Kat. They tossed out the blue jar and Kat step forward. But Billy had made a device that protected Kat. Rocky discovered they had been tricked, there was no Ninjor in the jar. Rita was furious. Aisha, Adam, Billy, Rocky, and Tommy went into ninja Power Ranger. The Tenga Warriors, along with Rito and Goldar, battled the Rangers. During the battle, one of the Tenga Warriors found Billy's device and smashed it. Kat was no longer protected. Rito grabbed her. The Tenga Warriors, Rito, Rita, and Goldar vanished in triumph. Later, Kat had managed to escape from her prison cell. Kat had the pink power coin when Rita discovered her. Rita had summon the Tenga Warriors to stop Kat. But Kat was teleported out before the Tenga Warriors could do anything.

Katherine, now the Pink Ranger, had overheard Rita's and Lord Zedd's plan to plant a monster inside Tommy. Lord Zedd, who had been keeping an eye on things, knew that Katherine plan to stop them. Lord Zedd and Rita sent down several Tenga Warriors to stop her. Katherine morphed into ninja Power Ranger. The Tenga Warriors battled Pink Ranger. Eventually they were defeated and retreated. Later, the Rangers would destroy Ravenator.

Katherine had been working on a homeless project, much to Rita's disgust. Rita sent down several Tenga Warriors to wreck the place, after everyone, except Katherine had left. The Tenga Warriors had scared off Bulk & Skull and were enjoying destroying the place. Katherine morphed into ninja Power Ranger. The Tenga Warriors battled Pink Ranger. Soon the rest of the Rangers arrived. The Tenga Warriors would eventually retreat.

Katherine was watching her aunt's chimp, Kelly. This gave Lord Zedd the idea to turn the chimp into a monster. Lord Zedd sent down Finster with a device to change the chimp. Lord Zedd also sent down several Tenga Warriors to keep the teens distracted. The teens quickly went into ninja mode. The Tenga Warriors battled the Rangers. The Tenga Warriors were defeated. Finster had not been able to transform the chimp into a monster.

Master Vile arc

Master Vile had arrived at the palace. Master Vile is the father of Rita Repulsa and Rito Revolto. Master Vile had come in search of the Zeo Crystal, which were underneath the palace. Master Vile arrived with a plan. Master Vile had a sack of snakes for the Tenga Warriors to eat that would make them stronger. The sack got tossed around, but eventually the snakes were fed to Tenga Warriors. The Tenga Warriors were sent down to Angel Grove. The Tenga Warriors battled the Rangers. The Tenga Warriors managed to overpowered the Rangers with ease. The Rangers were only able to make the Tenga Warriors retreat when the Rangers used their Metallic Armor.

Master Vile had successfully take the Zeo Crystal and before conquering Earth, decided to throw a party. The place - the Youth Center. Ernie had been sweeping outside, when Bulk & Skull walked up. A couple of Tenga Warriors walks up and Bulk & Skull start screaming. Ernie joined them as Master Vile walked up as well. Soon Rita, Lord Zedd, Rito, Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt were there. They all formed a circle around Ernie, Bulk & Skull and began dancing around them.

The Youth Center was soon packed with humans and monsters. Everyone was trying to kept up the frantic pace Master Vile had set. The Tenga Warriors danced among the crowd. A couple of the Tenga Warriors found Bulk & Skull hiding beneath huge Sombreros and made them dance once more. Master Vile announced it was the end of the world, but nothing happened. Master Vile teleported out. The Power Rangers had broke the connection between Master Vile and the Zeo Crystal. The Power Rangers also gain control of their zords, destroyed Globbor and defeated Master Vile.

Rito had been sent down to Angel Grove, by Master Vile, to plant the Orb of Doom. The Rangers soon arrived. Rito summon several Tenga Warriors to keep the Rangers busy. Goldar arrived as well. The Tenga Warriors split into two groups. Some headed towards the carnival, while the rest stayed with Rito and Goldar. The Rangers split up as well. The Tenga Warriors heading for the carnival battled Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Yellow Ranger. The rest battled Pink Ranger, Red Ranger, and White Ranger. The Tenga Warriors were successful in keeping the Rangers busy, and unable to stop Rito. Rito planted the Orb of Doom, which shook the Earth once it went into affect. Earth's rotation stopped and time was reversed. The Rangers were now children, with no powers.

I'm Dreaming of A White Ranger

Several Tenga Warriors went with Rito to Santa's workshop. They tied up Santa and force the elves to make Lord Zedd's toy, which would hypnotize the children into thinking that Lord Zedd was their master. Aisha and Kimberly lured Rito out of the workshop. The elves gathered around and set a trap. Rito, and Goldar, came running in and tripped over some ribbon that elves had set up. The Tenga Warriors were trapped by the elves as well. Soon the Tenga Warriors, Rito, and Goldar were tied up and sent back to the moon.

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers

Master Vile wanted the power coins from the kids. Master Vile had teleported Lord Zedd, Rita, and Goldar back. Rito, along with the Tenga Warriors, chase after Adam, Billy, Rocky, Tommy, Aisha, Kimberly, Bulk & Skull. The Tenga Warriors and Rito did not do well against the kids. The kids had set up several clever traps for them. The Tenga Warriors and Rito were defeated.

Several Tenga Warriors landed by the lake with Rito and Goldar. Master Vile wanted them to try and get the power coins from the kids. Adam, Billy, Rocky, Tommy, Aisha, and Kat were waiting for the Alien Rangers arrival. Bulk & Skull had joined the kids. When the Tenga Warriors, Rito, and Goldar landed, Bulk & Skull took off. The Tenga Warriors, Rito, and Goldar chased the kids around. Suddenly something appeared in the sky. Everyone stopped to look at it. When it landed, it was revealed to be the Alien Rangers. The Alien Rangers quickly and easily defeated the Tenga Warriors, Rito, and Goldar.

Several Tenga Warriors appeared at the water fountain, where the Alien Rangers were rehydrating themselves. They were with a monster Lord Zedd had created from Billy's regenerator. The Alien Rangers quickly morphed. The Tenga Warriors and the monsters battled and were destroyed by the Alien Rangers.

Lord Zedd had Arachnofiend ready to capture Billy. Not wanting any interference from Cestro and Tideus, who were at a car wash, Lord Zedd sent down several Tenga Warriors. Cestro and Tideus were going through the car wash, enjoying the water. The Tenga Warriors followed them through the car wash. Tideus and Cestro were blissfully unaware that the Tenga Warriors were behind them. Instead of battling Tideus and Cestro, the Tenga Warriors ended up getting beaten and their feathers torn out by the car wash. Bareskin, the Tenga Warriors vanished.

Rita became angry with Billy when he invented a successful weather modulator. Cestro tested it and it was a success. Rita grumbled to Lord Zedd about it. Lord Zedd sent down the Tenga Warriors. Cestro morphed. Several Tenga Warriors battled Blue Alien Ranger and Billy. The rest went over to the weather modulator and destroyed it. After the destruction, the Tenga Warriors flew off in triumph.

Zeo: Good as Gold

In the Zeo finale, Rita and Lord Zedd returned to Earth with the Tenga Warriors to steal Jason's powers. When Mondo arrived with cogs, Jason was surrounded but the two enemies clashed with each other instead. Jason escaped while a battle between the tengas and cogs ensued. Neither side was victorious as the cogs were torn apart and the tengas had several of their feathers ripped off. Both sides ended in a draw.

In the In Space premiere, the Tengas were not present at the United Alliance of Evil's banquet with Rita and Zedd but Zedd's putties instead. They were used by them along with the putties and other monsters in the Countdown to Destruction and were likely destroyed by Zordon's energy wave.


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