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The father of Tengen Uzui is a flashback antagonist of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He was first introduced in the flashback of Tengen Uzui, the Sound Pillar, when the latter revealed his ninja heritage and his disturbing past.


The unnamed ninja of the Uzui family is the father of Tengen Uzui and eight other unnamed siblings, and is a sociopathic and abusive ninja clan leader who sees his clan's survival over his family. Horrified by the loss of his clan, Tengen's father eagered for his clan's survival. To achieve such, he began to train his children to the level of torturouse and even abusive.

When Tengen was 15 years old, seven of his siblings died out of exhaution, while Tengen and one younger brother of his, two years younger than him, survived the trainning. However, Tengen discovered that due to such trainning, his brother became just another copy of his father, cold, cruel, uncaring and vacant of humanity.

Above all it was also implied that Tengen's father only saw his wife as a baby factory giving birth for his heirs and never cared about her life, and he also disrespect other people's will. After discovering his father's lack of humanity and his brother's sociopathic tendency leaning towards him, Tengen decided to disregard them as his family.

It currently remained unknown what became of Tengen's father after Tengen found his new purpose in life after joining the Demon Slayer Team.


  • Many fans had speculated that the sociopathic attitude of Tengen's father would drove either himself or Tengen's brother to renounce humanity, eventually becoming a replacement of Gyokko - a new Upper Moon Five just like Nakime and Kaigaku.
    • Even so, with all of the known Upper Moons thus far eliminated, there is currently no direct implication that Muzan Kibutsuji had a replacement for Upper Moon Five.


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