Tengkotak are a group of main antagonists of BoBoiBoy: The Movie.


The Tengkotak team is hunting for a powerful ancient power sphere, Klamkabot on the Island of Floating. The Captain in the Task Force, Bora Ra, did not stop giving instructions to his konconya Gaga Naz and Yoyo Oo to attack Klamkabot. The clamor was in a state of chaos and anxiously trying to avoid these attacks and trying to escape from being caught by the Torture. However, with the help of Robot T who tied Klamkabot from every angle and buried their feet into the ground, Klamkabot made trapped and hard to escape.

Desperate to escape from the Power Sphera hunter, Klamkabot tries to scan another nearby sphere and find Ochobot on Earth. For that, Klamkabot used his teleport power and managed to deport himself and the island once to Earth. Bora Ra could not accept the fact that Klamkabot managed to escape. However, when it was in space, Yoyo Oo managed to track Klamkabot's last location on Earth but its place was unknown. Bora Ra urgently urged him to find Klamkabot's position, and threatened him to get out of his spaceship.

Yoyo Oo, who is afraid of his captain's threats, strives to find the position of Klamkabot, but he finds Ochobot and tells his captain. Bora Ra who believes the words Yoyo Oo immediately gave instructions to Kiki Ta to accelerate the spacecraft so they could arrive before Klamkabot managed to garner the power of teleportation. Bora Ra and his konconya finally arrived at Tok Aba's Kokotiam store and asked permission to BoBoiBoy to borrow Ochobot. Bora Ra without wasting time plundering Ochobot and handing it over to Yoyo Oo.

Yoyo Oo immediately took out the Power Spherical Chopper and he caught Ochobot. Kiki Ta who is still in the spacecraft receives immediate location signals. BoBoiBoy who does not think long continues to turn into BoBoiBoy Halilintar and rush towards Bora Ra. Gaga Naz immediately protects his captain and BoBoiBoy, who was nearly thrown back into the split, split into three. The Bora Ra who saw only applauded with a bad name. BoBoiBoy Halilintar, the Typhoon and the Earthquake against Naz Gaga, but BoBoiBoy lost when the BoBoiBoys re-assembled.

Yaya, Ying and Gopal also helped BoBoiBoy fight against Gaga Naz, until Gaga Naz asked permission to Bora Ra to exchange. Bora Ra said it was not necessary and immediately produced a small black hole and threw it at Tok Aba's cocoa store. The black hole grows into a suction power mixed with a lightning-fast magnetic force inhaling all the objects in the area to its center, including Yaya, Ying and Gopa. But the Black hole was dissapeared so BoBoiBoy and his gang have to save his friend.

Bora Ra finally located BoBoiBoy's gang in cave along with Klamkabot and Ochobot, and attack them. But Klamkabot manage to save them and bring them to the power sphere lab, which Bora Ra and Gaga Naz followed them and attacked them again.Bora Ra giving a permission to Gaga Naz to transform so he can finish the kids and captured Klamkabot quickly. When Klamkabot decide to throw the kids onto the moving platform, Bora Ra success to capture him. While Kiki Ta found out that Adu du, Probe, and Papa Zola has sneaked into their ship, she tried to attack but got door-slamed by Cici Ko. Then Gaga Naz showed up and get them.

When Yoyo Oo try to extract Klamkabot teleportation power to Bora Ra, they finally found that the power is already transfer to Ochobot, which made him mad. He then make a contact to BoBoiBoy,and take Adu du, Probe and Papa Zola as hostage.He tell to BoBoiBoy if he didn't give Ochobot, he will finish them. BoBoiBoy refuse to give Ochobot to them, but he decide to save Adu du, Probe and Papa Zola who is taken by Bora Ra and teleport to them.

In climaxes of their Battle, Bora Ra crushing Ochobot in front of BoBoiBoy with his power. When BoBoiBoy plea to him to reach Ochobot, he let him to reach him, but this is made him have a chance to brutally attacking BoBoiBoy. When he about to crushing him, he is stopped by Fang, and rushed go to him and defeat him. Bora Ra appear at BoBoiBoy and take half-dead Ochobot, destroying him in front of his eyes once again. Meanwhile Gaga Naz tried to attack Ying, Yaya and Gopal; Kiki Ta and Yoyo Oo attacked Adu Du, Probe and Papa Zola. 

Bora Ra decide to destroy BoBoiBoy with his metallic hammer. But unknown by him, Ochobot give all the kids his last energy to upgrade their power, and make BoBoiBoy able to dodge Bora Ra attack and transform into BoBoiBoy Blaze and BoBoiBoy Ice. Bora Ra use his black hole power to sucked him to his hammer, but BoBoiBoy using elemental split to free himself and success to overcome Bora Ra. Then his friends also use upgraded power to attack Gaga Naz, and the J-Rex saved Adu Du, Probe and Papa Zola from Yoyo Oo. However, Bora Ra does not giving up and use his Gargantuan Black Holeto finish all of them and try to runaway. Fang manage to chase him and attack him with his upgraded shadow manipulation, and Bora Ra try to contact Yoyo Oo to give a coordinate and teleport his spaceship to free from Fang attack. When the kids begin lose their hope due unable to capture him, however, Bora Ra is foiled by Adu du by giving him a false coordinate (and its shown Yoyo Oo along with Kiki Ta is captured by them) and teleport back to the floating island. Angered after know that he is foiled by Adu Du, Probe and Papa Zola, he manage to attack three of them. BoBoiBoy stopped him and use his elemental split to finish him by himself and save the others. When BoBoiBoy success to defeat him, he later being sucked by his own Black Hole. The rest of the Tengkotak got arrested by Cici Ko.


  • Tengkotak is a combination of the word "Tengkorak" (skull) and "Kotak" (box). This is likely referring to Ata Ta Tiga aliens, who have box-shaped heads or skulls.
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