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It only stands to reason. If the target got here first, they wouldn't call me "One Step Ahead, now, would they?
~ Tengo

"One Step Ahead" Tengo is a minor antagonist from the video game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. He is one of the assassins working for Commander Sith, and the rival of Jeego.


Tengo first appeared at Lynne's apartment, where he held Kamila hostage after shooting the dog Missile. However, because Sissel was able to hide her from him, he left for the Junkyard, where Lynne was being interrogated by the police. There, he tried to kill Lynne, yet Sissel stopped him once again by making a wooden box fall on him.

Basic Information


Tengo looks almost excactly like Jeego, however he seems to be a bit younger, and wears glasses.


He constantly makes jokes about being always "one step ahead" of everyone else. Tengo is loyal to his country.

Powers and Abilities

According to him, he is able to always foresee his target's next steps, which is the reason for his nickname. Tengo is a skilled sniper.

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