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Now you shall taste the terrible beauty of true power, and you shall be... DESTROYED!!!
~ Tengu Shredder, to the Ninja Tribunal, moments before he becomes his dragon creature form.

The Tengu Shredder is the overarching antagonist of the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, being the main antagonist of the fifth season (Ninja Tribunal Arc). He is the the original incarnation of the Shredder, the sinister fusion of the ancient warrior, Oroku Saki and the Shredder demon, and was the one who inspired the evil Utrom, Ch'rell into posing as the Shredder.

Like Utrom Shredder and Cyber Shredder, he was voiced by Scottie Ray.



The Tengu Demon

In the 4th century A.D., a tengu demon known as the Shredder appeared out of nowhere and began ravaging Japan in his quest to conquer the entire world. In order to deal with this threat, the Emperor of Japan summoned five of the greatest warriors in the country: Kon, Juto, Chikara, Hisomi, and Oroku Saki. Each warrior was armed with mystical armor, which they used in their battle against the Shredder. Four of the warriors were overwhelmed by the Shredder's might, but Oroku Saki was able to deal heavy damage to the demon before stabbing it in the heart with his sword, causing its to disappear completely. The five went back to the Emperor, who rewarded their victory and bravery by naming them the Five Dragons and giving them the symbol of "Three-Toed Sign of the Dragon", which was an incredibly high honor.

Unbeknownst to them, however, just before Saki finished it off, the tengu contacted him on the astral plane and made him an offer: in exchange for allowing it to survive by merging with Saki's soul, Saki could become all-powerful and rule over all. Saki, who was already hungry for power, accepted the bargain, taking the tengu's soul into his own and finishing off his lifeless husk. Soon after the ceremony, he took on the identity of the Shredder, using his dark powers to destroy the emperor's palace and summon an army of demonic ghosts to aid him in conquering Japan. He even adopted an upside-down version of the Five Dragons' symbol for himself. In order to combat this new threat, the other Dragons went around the world to learn new skills from mystical masters. In doing so, they evolved from being mere mortals to forces of nature themselves.

They then returned to Japan and stormed the Shredder's stronghold to fight their former comrade. At first, Saki was amused by his former friends' defiance, but then found himself overwhelmed by their new abilities. Desperate, Shredder then manifested his avatar form: a demonic dragon to eliminate them. In response, they manifested their own dragon forms and fought back. After a furious battle that destroyed the entire fortress, the Shredder was ultimately defeated and reverted back into his human form, but could not be destroyed. Thus, the heroes then sealed him into a coffin where they hoped would remain for eternity, with him swearing revenge just before the lid closed on him. They also divided his power between his body, his helmet and gauntlet and hid all three separately from one another, so even if he was released, he would not be at full strength.

To make sure he never returned, the Dragons formed the Ninja Tribunal that taught their secret arts to only the most worthy of warriors. Seven centuries later, the evil Utrom criminal named Ch'rell took on the persona of Shredder, using the legend surrounding it to earn fear and respect. The original Shredder's top minions known as the Foot Mystics wished to revive their old master, but fell under the control of the new Shredder via amulet, which was then inherited by Karai upon his defeat.

TMNT (2003)

In the 21st century, the Foot Mystics were unwittingly freed from Karai's control by the Turtles and Agent Bishop, seeking to bring back their master, displeased that she took up his persona. They managed to obtain the gauntlet, helmet and main body after defeating the Ninja Tribunal and brought them to New York, where they revived Tengu Shredder. He decided to get his revenge on Karai for taking his identity and hunted her down in the Oroku Saki Memorial Library. After easily defeating her forces, Karai fought him herself, and was able to fight him off with magic-based technology Dr. Chaplin had made, but his helmet was knocked off and his face resembled that of Ch'rell's android suit. This distracted Karai enough for Tengu Shredder to catch her off guard and transformed the sword she'd stabbed him with into a snake monster, which he sent to destroy her. Eventually the snake had Karai wrapped up against a pillar and it and Tengu Shredder both attacked her, but he accidentally beheaded the snake. Angered, the demon warrior used his magic to pin Karai against a wall and stripped her of the Shredder armor. The Tengu Shredder considered letting her live as a slave, but the Ninja Turtles interfered, allowing Karai to break free. He summoned his army of demons and the undead he had amassed over the years, transforming the tower they were in into a graveyard. While his minions held Karai in place, Tengu Shredder prepared to finish her off, but Chaplain tried to protect her. Seeing he was in love, the demon warlord decided it time was to end this and managed to wound Karai. But the Turtles summoned their Dragon Avatars to fight the Tengu Shredder, making him and the Foot Mystics retreat and, looking upon the new modern world, he planned to reshape it and make it his own.

The Tengu Shredder took control of the Mayor's office, transforming it into his citadel and New York into a world of monsters. Since he needed more energy to complete the transformation, the Foot Mystics had the city officials create keystones in a triangular shape for amplification. The Turtles tried to stop the spell, but the Tengu Shredder found out, getting angry that he wasn't told of this by the Foot Mystics. He gave up a large portion of his power stopped their plan so the transformation was successfully strengthened.

See the end of the world the horizon, the Turtles gathered together everyone they know for a final battle, which included other students from the Ninja Tribunal and the Justice Force, as well as Agent Bishop, Baxter Stockman and the Purple Dragons. Karai had a means of draining his energy so they could take his gauntlet and helmet. This worked and Tengu Shredder was rendered unconscious, but Hun kicked him to ensure he was done, waking him up.

Shredder on his horse.

He blasted Hun away then transported Splinter, the Ancient One, and the Ninja Turtles outside and mounted a demonic horse to take them down. After bringing down the Turtles, the Tengu Shredder attacked Splinter when Hamato Yoshi appeared from the Turtles' medallions. Taking the Shredder's trident from him, he drove it into the demon warlord's armor, making him lose power. To restore himself, Tengu Shredder turned New York back to normal and transformed into a dragon, with the Turtles doing the same. They continued to battle and the Tengu Shredder proved too strong, but Karai began draining his energy again. He tried to destroy her, but the Turtles got in his way and started fighting back. Eventually the Tengu Shredder got so weak, he returned to human form and desperately launched one last charge, but was knocked around so that he lost his helmet and gauntlet.

Tengu Shredder meeting his end.

Michelangelo snapped the gauntlet in half and Leonardo stomped on his helmet, rendering both useless. As the Turtles regained their humanoid forms, the Tengu Shredder was slashed in half by Yoshi, ending him.

Back To The Sewer

Tengu Shredder fighting Cyber Shredder.

At some point in the future, the Tengu Shredder was seen engaged in a fight with Utrom Shredder and Cyber Shredder. At the same time, Foot Ninjas allied with the Utrom and Cyber Shredders battled each other (it is never explained how the Tengu Shredder returned or why none of his undead Foot Ninjas were present).

Powers and Abilities

The Tengu Shredder is a powerful warrior and thanks to his being bonded with the soul of Tengu Shredder.

He can use dark magic, which allows him to alter reality on a planetary scale, and upon doing so his power increases with every passing second. (However he was only able to do so by tapping into three mystical "Keystones" which greatly amped his power) He possesses telekinesis and has superhuman strength to such a degree that he can casually dismiss the likes of Silver Sentry in only his base form, whose strength is enough to throw giant robots into the sun.

The Tengu Shredder's weapon of choice is his blade gauntlet, but he can summon other weapons and is impervious to most forms of attack. He can regenerate almost instantly, and thanks to his immense dark magic he is practically immortal and nearly invulnerable. The Tengu Shredder can also use his magic to change the form of objects, which can be seen when he turns a sword into a demon snake.

He has also demonstrated the ability to transform into an enormous dragon form in which his strength and power increases immensely. The Tengu Shredder also has the ability to grow in size, though he has never really used this power in battle.

Perhaps due to his immense mystical powers, anyone who took the name and mantle of "The Shredder" for themselves will attain spiritual link with Tengu Shredder himself. This trait of his was believed to be the reason of subsequent Shredders tended to pattern their armor (and, in the case of Ch'rell, their human disguise) after the original appearance of Oroku Saki as well as one of possible explanations of 1987 Shredder found Ch'rell instead of the latter's predecessor nor Karai (Tengu Shredder was already killed at that point whereas Karai only briefly took the mantle). Said link also proved to be one of Tengu Shredder's weaknesses, as Karai, the third Shredder, managed to use it to drain him of his powers.


I LIVE! Now let the world tremble! AH HA HA HA HA HA HA!
~ The Tengu Shredder's first words upon being revived by the Foot Mystics.
Let us venture forth and survey my new kingdom. What a pleasure it will be to hear the screams when I remake the my own image!
~ The Tengu Shredder's ultimate goal which he reveals after leaving the base to survey New York City
I will fight my very last breath!
~ The Tengu Shredder reacting to the newly summoned Hamato Yoshi and his final words before his annihilation.


  • The Tengu Shredder is technically made of two different entities, the original Tengu demon known as the Shredder, which emerged from some foul pit in 300 A.D. in Hamoto, and Oroku Saki.
  • This is one of few incarnations of Oroku Saki starting off as a hero and end up being villain.
  • The Tengu Shredder has appeared in two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video games, The Shredder Reborn and Double Damage.
  • Tengu Shredder is the actual 2003 incarnation of Oroku Saki, yet his Utrom successor Ch'rell serves as the main antagonist of most of the seasons and is the first antagonist who fights the turtles.
    • When 1987 Shredder sets out to find his 2003 counterpart in TMNT 2003 realm to recruit him as his ally, he instead found Ch'rell the Utrom Shredder instead of Tengu Shredder. Reason of this is mainly due to both Tengu Shredder and Cyber Shredder have been killed and Karai only briefly taking the mantle in addition of aforementioned spiritual link, leaving Ch'rell the sole active Shredder at that time.
  • Tengu Shredder is a member of the three Shredders in the TMNT 2003 Dimension, the other being his successor Ch'rell and Cyber Shredder.
  • Even though the Tengu Shredder is described as the "Greatest evil the world has ever known", the Utrom Shredder is often considered more evil due to him commenting acts of evil throughout the universe while the Tengu Shredder only terrorized the Earth.


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