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No one asked for your pity, Picard, just as no one asked for your help. You and Starfleet had no understanding of Romulan ingenuity, resolve, self-sufficiency! You took advantage of us at the very moment where we doubted ourselves, enticed us with your empty promises, and did everything in your power to scatter, confuse, and divide us!
~ Andrev confronting Picard.

Tenqem Andrev (died 2399) was a Romulan male who was a minor antagonist featured in the Star Trek: Picard episode Absolute Candor.

He was portrayed by Evan Parke.

In 2385 Andrev had been a member of the Romulan Senate when the Romulan Empire learned that their sun was going to go supernova. The Federation offered assistance to the Romulan people, with Admiral Jean-Luc Picard leading the Federation efforts. Andrev was present at the Hall of State when Picard spoke to the Romulan Senate about their plans to evacuate the population of Romulus, and listened to Picard promise that the Federation would help them.

Andrev was later evacuated on one of the refugee ships the Federation provided to the planet Vashti along with 250,000 of his fellow Romulans.

The Federation went back on their promises after Mars was attacked and devastated by a band of rogue synthetic lifeforms. Recalled to Earth, Admiral Picard tried to get the Federation to continue the evacuation efforts but was rebuffed. Picard resigned in disgust and retreated to his family estate in France.

Meanwhile the surviving Romulans on Vashti did not fare very well without Federation support. Along with many other Romulans Andrev felt betrayed by Picard and the Federation, and came to feel that they had taken advantage of their enemies at their most desperate hour. Andrev joined the Romulan Rebirth movement - hoping to reestablish the Romulan Star Empire as a dominant power in the galaxy.

In 2399 Picard returned to Vashti to seek the assistance of the Qowat Milat in his quest to find Bruce Maddox. Seeing that Picard had returned Andrev alerted his fellow rebirth compatriots. When Picard decided to take a seat in the local restaurant Andrev decided to confront him over how the Federation and Picard failed the Romulan people and challenged him to a duel with Romulan swords.

Dragged out into the street Picard assumed a fencing stance and parried Andrev's initial blows before dropping his sword. Before Andrev could murder Picard he was stopped by the Romulan Elnor, who had decided to help Picard in his quest. Elnor asked the former Romulan Senator to chose to live by not attacking Picard further. Ignoring Elnor's warnings Andrev pressed his attack on Picard. Elnor responded by disabling Andrev's companions and beheading him with a single stroke of his tan qalanq - a single bladed sword that was the weapon of choice for the Qowat Milat.

Once beamed aboard the ship serving as Picard's transport, Picard chastised Elnor for killing Andrev, saying the man did not deserve to die. Elnor retorted that Andrev chose to continue the attack after being warned to stop, and that once he engaged in combat with a Qowat Milat the outcome was no longer in doubt.

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