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Only twenty against one? The mathematical odds are extremely unfavorable...for you!
~ Terabyte

Terabyte is a fictional character who serves as main antagonist of in the Ultra Agents toyline.


Terabyte' can be recognized with his silver helmet that covers the sides of his head.

The helmet also has a transparent green circle in the front and at the upper side of it, as well as a tube in the top colored with the same color. Beneath the helmet, he had shoulder-length orange hair. Also, he wore green visor that made it hard to determine his eyes' color. Though his skin was yellow in color like other LEGO figures, his hands are lime green in color, which possibly his gloves.

Terabyte's outfit consist of black leather jacket with matching pants where both had green digital lines. Beneath the jacket, he has a dark green shirt with a symbol that features an figure similar to a skull, colored in lime green. The back of his jacket had a labeling that says Bad 2 the Code.



Terabyte was a computer genius whom turned evil after trapped in a vortex that resulting the corruption of his mind. It resulting him become a dangerous hacker who pilots a mech. He uses his weapons to send out viruses that hijack technology to his advantage.

In the Ultra Agents App, he climbed to the top of Astor Tower on his mech and sent viruses to Astor City. He tried to steal the Ultra Agents files, and also tried to teleport AntiMatter to earth. Both of his plans failed, and he was captured by the police. He also revealed to have hacked Downtown and made all the technologies show his face. Terabyte later interrogated at the Ultra Agents' HQ prison, where the Agents demand him when they would meet his boss. Terabyte simply saying that they would meet them soon.

After was freed by Invizable along with the other captured villains, Terabyte escaped to open air, where the super villains started to capture the citizens of Astor City, in order to increase the AntiMatter's army.

After the battle against AntiMatter, he was seen captured in a container, along with the other super villains.

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