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"Come out come out, wherever you are!".
~ Terence as he attempts to recapture his sister Steph Stokes and her husband Adam Forsythe.

Terence Turner is a fictional character and major antagonist of the long-running British soap opera Emmerdale. He appeared as a supporting character in 1985 and a major antagonist throughout 2006.

Originally a student at Oxford University back in 1985, Terence's villainy emerged in 2006 when he attempted to steal from his own father Alan Turner before later leaving him for dead. It is also revealed that Terence had sexually abused his own sister, Steph Stokes, back when they were teenagers. He attempted to torment her again until her husband, Adam Forsythe, ended up killing him in a dramatic confrontation between the trio.

He was played by Stephen Marchant in 1985 and later by Nick Brimble in 2006.


Terence Turner first came to Emmerdale in 1985 as a student from Oxford University. He briefly dated Sandie Merrick before later romancing with Kathy Bates, but they both dumped him and Terence grew to hate the village before leaving the area.

In 2006, over twenty years since his last presence, Terrance returned and seemingly reconciled with his father Alan Turner. But it turns out that Terence plans to con money from Alan and threatens his roommate Betty Eagleton into keeping quiet. When Alan finds out about this, he attempts to stop Terence - but in the end Terence attacks his father and leaves him for dead; Alan recovers in hospital soon afterwards. Soon enough, Terence's sister Steph Stokes learns about his return and confines to her husband Adam Forsythe about the situation. It is then revealed by Steph herself that Terence had sexually molested her back when they were teenagers; when they were younger, Terence would rape and abuse Steph for sinister purposes.

Adam attempts to bring Terence to justice for his atrocious crime, but Terence retaliates by blackmailing Adam with the knowledge that Adam had been unlawfully practicing medicine ever since he was charged with GBH in the past. Adam responds by knocking out Terence and holding him captive. Terence escapes and attacks Adam and Steph. He plans to kill them, but Adam hits Terence with a fire extinguisher and Terence falls to his death - Adam had killed him.

Following Terence's death, Adam covers up the murder and implicates Steph in the following months. Terence's body is later uncovered in the Kings Showhouse Explosion. Afterwards, both Steph and Adam are jointly trialed for the crime; Steph falsely confesses to the murder to bring Adam to justice for Terence's murder, which in doing so causes Adam to commit suicide the following day.



  • He made a total of 82 appearances throughout his time on the show.